3 things to get into the Christmas spirit

It’s almost that time of year. Finally we get to go all out for Christmas. Witch means putting up our tree and getting as many decorations we can around the house.

Hold up,  you maybe think it’s too early but honey if it was up to me we would start cerebrating Christmas in July.

Hire are the 3things we do in my house to get in the Christmas spirit.

  • Buy Chocolate milk

Stalk up because well it’s getting cold and there is nothing like a good book and a good  cup of choco.

When I go shopping for Chocolate milk I go all out. The best, the greatest in the nicest jar I can get. Let’s call me choco criticism the Belgian part of me coming to the surface.

Make it an event, I do. I drag every family member who is willing aka my mum (sometimes my brother) to every chocolate store in Brussels to try as many types as we can. Trust me it’s fun!

Remember to always buy dark chocolate powder or melting chocolate. It is very nutritious, has antioxidants and keeps the skin looking young.

If you are watching your diet you can always use almond milk instead of regular milk to cut the calories. Plus it gives a really nice flavor.

  • Watch a Christmas special or 10

I’m not in the Christmas spirit unless I’ve seen a good Christmas special.

Hire are my 2 suggestions everyone will love. Even the people who aren’t that Christmassy. Tried and tested on my dad, they work

# A Madea Christmas

This movie is just hilarious. If you haven’t seen any Medea movies yet, I’m so sorry for getting you hocked.

# The last holiday

Watch this with a big cup of choco and your loved ones by your side.

# This Christmas

This is a movie I watch with my mum every Christmas. It’s just so amazing.

  • Get that sweater

Yes you heared me, the most unfashionable thing on the planet. The Chrismas sweater, it just gets me in the best mood ever. You are with the poeple you love, so go for it. There’s somthing megical about that sweater, even if it’s ugly you always look amazing.

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