My 4 bag essentials

My everyday bag when I’m not going to school is pretty organized. This is the opposite of when I’m in school, then I’m a hoarder lol.

When I go out I tend to keep a couple of essentials in my bag.

A small wallet

Small wallets are really my thing when it comes to everyday bags and there’s a good reason. I tend to always keep too much stuff in big wallets that I truly don’t need. A small wallet that carries my cards and coins is the  only thing I need. If I don’t have space for recites, I won’t keep them.


This is more of a beauty hack than an essentials. It’s the ant-aging secret we all should have known. Even though I am 20 I really don’t want wrinkles around my eyes so this is the biggest help. Plus they are great for avoid eye contact 🙂

Something to read

I love having books or magazines with me. I tend to keep at least one in my bag to stay up to date with all beauty and fashion trends. To me it’s a better why to kill time than playing games on my smartphone.

My fragrance

Taking my sent with me is one of my favorite things. I tend to keep it whit me to spray an time I feel needed. That’s the only real beauty related product I tend to keep in my bag. I almost never take makeup with me just because I feel my makeup should last all day.

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