7 life lessons I have learned in 2017

2017 was been turbulent to say the least. The past ups and downs of this year have changed me a lot. I am more inserted then I have ever been, but with this uncertainty comes a lingering feeling of piece and belonging.

living up to my own expectations

Other people will always have an opinion and sometimes put you on a pedestal or bring you down.  I have noticed that people expected way different things then I expected from myself and that’s okay. The most important thing is that I can wake up and be proud of my achievements, I don’t need other people telling me what I should or could be achieving.

loving my own company

After I moved out of my parents house I learned to be alone more. When I was younger I had this erge to make friends left and right. Bu now as I got older I realized I like being may own best friend the most. It”s a powerful feeling to be able to go to a restaurant and sit on your own and not really care what anyone thinks. And I think it’s one of the keys to adulthood.

Be open to others

I have always been pretty closed of towards trusting other people and letting them into my life. Slowly I started opening up to people and this is how I found love. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now and I can say that it’s not always been easy. I had such a hard time trusting but once I did my life truly changed for the better.

Understanding my own limits

I finally oped up about my albinism and spend up to the people around me. I tell people when I don’t know something or can’t do something instead of having to sit and hate myself for it. It took me long to just be open and understand that not everything is in my capabilities but that doesn’t mean that I can’t increase the once I have.

Letting go of fear

This has been the biggest and hardest part of my life so far. I always sit and bought myself. What if questions always come up in my mind, but letting go of them is the hardest thing I have ever done. Giving my 100% is one of the hardest and lost challenging things i ever had to do. When I started law school I was always thinking of what I would do if I would fall. Instead of thinking of falling I started changing my mindset to the idea of giving my all and being what happens.

Sharing my truth

This is more a resolution then something I learned. I feel like sharing my life and my stories and being totally transparent is one of the things I have struggled with. This year I will share my full truth and stop holding back.

Thank you for reading my blog in 2017 and welcome to 2018

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