Flawless when traveling 

We have all had those moments that we come out of a plain, car or train looking like crap. The crazy cat lady look isn’t cute even if you have been on a plain for 12 hours. The world isn’t that forgiving.

The outfit 

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Round trip ready 

If you are adventurous and feel like driving where the wind takes you, you need an outfit to match. Layback, casual and sexy that’s exactly what you need. I would go for a play suit. It’s casual, sexy and fashionable. The reason why this would be perfect is because it’s comfortable. The accessories I would go for are a backpack.. The backpack will give you that layback vibe. And as far as jewelry goes, keep it simple. Just to make it easy for in the evenings. If you haven’t ever slept wearing statement earnings don’t try it trust me!

The flying girl

You need to look chic and emigrant coming out of that plain! You would be surprised what type of amazing people you can meet on an airport! The outfit you choose should not only be comfortable for travel it should look as classy as possible. I would go for a pull neck and some thermostatic leggings.  It is freezing in the plain and you don’t want to wear a hoody do you?  As for the leggings, if you don’t own any get them! If they become your favorite thing and get surgically attached to your legs (lol) I’ll take responsibility.

The shoes

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Flat shoes, always flat shoes. I would chose flat ankle boots. Or a plain pare of sneakers, preferably one colour.

The makeup 

Makeup should be minimal don’t go crazy! I recommend keeping it simple, a mascara, eyebrow pencil, lipstick,  and eye cream. Remember it should be makeup you can even wear on your seat!