Beauty is in your head

Sorry to tell you but Beaty isn’t what other people like.

Yes I promis I’m not crazy. Okay mybe I am but I have a valid point. 

When I started my Instagram account I tried my hardest to follow the big bloggers. But I noticed ever one of these people was unique. 

They weren’t coke cutter perfect. They where themselves.

Think of people like Gigi Hadid. A couple of years ago she wouldn’t have been a model because she redefined beauty. 

And honestly it’s not being pretty that gets you all the way, its persistence. 

If you work hard and stay presistent you will get there, just look at me. I’m far far away from pretty or perfect. But I work hard and that’s what gets me there.  I know I’m not the biggest and most amazing blogger out there but I’m not doing to bad for myself. 

So remember guys beauty is in the brain, not in the mirror 

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