Learn to believe in yourself

Learn to believe in yourself

I’m a very anxious and nervous person, I experience a lot of emotions at once. Like a lot of people I have a fear of failing. Not only professionally but personally as well. It’s not an easy or fun thing to deal with but I have some tips that can keep us all going!

Changing your mindset

The mind is a powerful tool and if you know how to use it, it can change your life! Telling yourself you love something will instantly diminish your resentment towards the task at hand.

My resentment towards studying certain subjects was put to the test this finals. I realised I had built a wall towards some subjects. To avoid falling I had to lie to myself that I liked it. And it works.

Ambition vs relaxation

Sometimes we want to much of ourselves. I’m a perfectionist and I’m very pushy when it comes to performing. But I’ve realised you can’t perform if you aren’t taking a break.

A healthy and happy mindset is key to achieving your goals. Your brain needs rest just like any other part of your body. Going on a night out with friends won’t kill you!

Plan succes

I’m not the type of person who will say that failing isn’t a big deal and all that bull shit others will say. Don’t get me wrong, dealing with failure is importent but the key to succes is changing your method when it’s not working, not giving up!

I think that being realistic is planing day to day things that are doable to active your goal.  What ever your goal is even if it seams far out of your league is worth going for. So play the steps to reaching it.

Resting & eating well

Taking a break and resting are two different things. Resting is getting enough sleep and this will lower your negative feelings. You would be surprised how much clearer you think once you have slept!

Eating well and healthy is importent to lower your anxiety. Keeping your sugar levels steady is impotent. Try eating whole grains, it will give your more energy and you won’t have that low feeling.

Accepting your fear

I always lied to myself that I’m not afraid of failing, but on the end of the day, I am. And that’s okay. Accepting it has given me peace and I think it’s the most fundamental thing to do. If you name something you