Blogs to follow

I’ve been reading so many blogs lately. Yes I just downloaded the bloglovin’ app on my phone.There are so many amazing blogs to follow. I’m going to share the ones I read on a daily bases

Lydia Elise Millen

I rave about this girl constantly. I feel like she could be my best friend or like a big sister. I just love how she tells you what your friends are afraid to say. Honesty she truly inspires me.


You have seen me talk about lilylikes before. If you feel like you are doing to much. I would advice you to watch one of her law school volgs. They just make you want to get up and stop being lazy. Her blog has this magazine feel to it witch I love

Annabel Pessant

Of cours I’m going to add my fave Antwerp girl. She is not only stylish but reading her blog is like having a conversation with her. It’s the pretty friend your secretly a little jealous of  🙂 I would so want to live in her closet.

In the frow

Okay there is no way I wouldn’t add this blog. Victoria knows what she’s talking about with a PHD in fashion she’s THE EXPERT. Her style is very unique but still I would wear it every day. I love going to her blog to learn about everything that’s going on in the fashion and beauty world.



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