Building your makeup collection 

Building your makeup collection 

I love makeup and over the past 2 years I’ve been building  a collection. The problem is that I didn’t know where to start.

We all have YouTube, it’s got some amazing things but the problem is there’s too much information.

When I started looking for a collection I felt like I needed a large budget to start but honestly you don’t

#1 mascara

Get a mascara to start and learn to apply it. It doesn’t have to be expensive. The more mascara you’ll use the more you will keep buying and you will learn what you like.

#2 the brushes

Once you are comfortable with mascara you will need brushes to keep building your collection. Don’t go and buy 100’s of brushes. Just get a simple kit from H&M or forever 21. Those kits are

unbelievably cheap and they will do the trick. Later on you can invest in the nice brushes #3 foundation and powder

Getting your first foundation that does what it should is so hard. I was looking orange for so long. Just talk to the people in the store. I recommend Bobby brown. The coverage is amazing and once you have the foundation powder will be easy to find.

#4  eyebrow powder or pencil

It’s important to get your eyebrows shaped first Don’t do it yourself! After they are shaped you can tweeze them. Once that’s done  get a pencil and colour then yourself. It will make your face look nicer.

This are my essentials. It’s the easiest way to get into makeup



  1. April 16, 2016 / 10:11 am

    simple yet perfect. Nice.

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