Bye bye headphone jack, and everything els on the iPhone 7

Bye bye headphone jack, and everything els on the iPhone 7

The iPhone has just been announced and we are all already exited to upgrade. But is it worth it.


Finally we won’t be looking at those awful antenna bands anymore. And of course Apple has added new colours. Not only do we have black, we also have true black. This is a beautiful black glossy finish. If James Bond had an iPhone it would be in true black.


Yes a better battery,  we all have been waiting for this for ever! According to Apple we will be getting 2 hours of more battery.


The camera is probably the best thing for these iPhones. The iPhone 7 plus will be amazing and can take blurry background photos, finally. This will be amazing for anyone starting out with blogging to get those amazing photos. We will also expect better low light performance, for all your instagram club photos. Now everyone will see how wasted your really are LOL.

The front facing camera will finally get an upgrade. This will mean better selfies!

The home button

The home button will be force sensitive with doesn’t seam very important to be honest. We will be having force tough so it all depends on how the software will be making use of this feature.

Water and dust resistent

This is something we have been expecting. But we don’t know how well the iPhone actually will be with water. Can you use it in the shower now? We can only wait and see to find out how well Apple really did in this department. BTW just watch the torches tests on youtube once the iPhone comes out.

Stereo speakers

This is pretty exiting. I can not tell you how many times I wanted to just play a song on my  iPhone but no one could hear it. Hopefully these speakers will change the game when it comes to sharing music.

Bye headphone jack 

Yes we all new it,  apple removed the headphone jack. But at least we got an adaptor to ease the pain. That’s not all, apple finally announced the airpots. The price for these is ridiculous. They are $159… Will they actually be worth the money?


If you want a better camera I would go for an upgrade to the iPhone 7plus otherwise I would wait for the 10th iPhone.


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