How to do your eyebrows in under 3 minutes

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Drawing eyebrows

It has always been a pain trying to do my eyebrows. They have to look natural but also be apparent enough so they frame my face.

And you guys my think it is very easy and, and yes it is if you have the time to actually sit with a pencil and draw. Obviously I don’t have that much time in the morning. Honestly I’m not that patient ether.

So I found the product to salve all my morning issue. And it’s price of €12 is also very helpful. The l’Oréal Brow Artist Plumper has been a true time saver for me. I have known about this product for almost a year but I have been using it totally wrong. And I’ll explain way.

My hair colour

For the most of last year I had braids. Always darker then my real hair colour. Honestly so I didn’t have to deal with the eyebrow issue and this product worked fantastic. Because I was using the beginning of the brush to darken my eyebrows. But when I removed my braids the colour just didn’t work so I stopped using this it and started using a powered that worked but took forever and mess-ups where inevitable.

The brush

The trick to using this is to ‘shade’ it right, this sounds kind of complicated but I’ll explain. When you apply the product don’t use the beginning of the brush. It always has access and makes your eyebrows look way darker.

Be gentle

Don’t rub it on because the colour will be uneven and look very odd. Instead take your time and be gentle because it really only takes one streak! And the more you stress the longer things take, do them right and with nations the first time!

Cotton pads

The best friend in every girls beauty case. This is also very impotent to get the colour down. Just use a cotton pad to bland and the colour will look perfect. Just do it evenly!



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How I get a little bit more confidence

I'm a pretty confident person but sometimes I need a little boost just to get me through the day. I don't have perfect skin and I don't always look amazing (I'm not Beyoncé haha). There are days I want to feel just a little better. And even though we are all beautiful just the way we are sometimes we want just that tough of magic.
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Getting that little boost can come from a lot of places, it can be wearing a nice dress or having a cup of coffee in the morning. There are always little things that can make us feel a little better. For me it's wearing a full face of makeup. I feel very put together when I can look flawless and perfect. It's that little time you take just for yourself to best version of yourself.
Enhancing beauty
A lot of women with albinsm think their are hiding their true features when wearing makeup. But I feel like it's just enhancing what you've got and I definitely do this. But finding the right foundation to fit my skin town is a task on it's own. I've been to places looking orange a lot. Trust me my mum must have the picots.. But thanks to Clinique I found a foundation that fits my skin town and has SPF 15. The Superbalanced Silk Make Up SPF15 foundation gives my face a glorious effect. Not only is it a matt foundation it also  nourishes the dry spots on my fragile skin. I think this is one of those rare occasions where you are ever going to hear me rave about a foundation.
All day perfection
If I put the time and effort into it I want to look good all day. And I defiantly get this feeling with this foundation. I can wear it all day without feeling self conscious at all. With the perfect outfit and my coffee in my hand. I'm ready to rock the world.
Even though I like taking my time to look nice once in a while. I don't want to take hours. Chasing your outfit the night before and having your space clean (new years resolution!) I feel like with this foundation I need 10 minutes to look my best.
I'm applying it with the Clinique foundation brush just in simple stroking motions. Luckily it doesn't need that much blending because no one has time for that. I also apply it under my eyes because it has this odd way of making me look less tired with is always welcome.
I need 2 to 3 coin size amounts of the foundation just for full converge. I do apply it down to my neck because I always have veins showing because of my pail skin.


My secret
Now you know my secret to having a little more confidence. If you are wearing a sexy outfit, trying this foundation or just feeling good about yourself, tag me in your pics and you know I'm always on instagram so I will be commentting <3

Review made in collaboration with Clinique

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A relaxing week night

Nowadays we work so hard and we just need some reloading time. After a long day of class, blogging and studying I'm in the mood to relax.


Put my feet in the air and just feel like I'm in my little home spa.
Latterly I've been loving different face masks. They give me this home spa feeling I really deserve. And I've found the perfect mask that does the trick, the L'Oréal Maske Pure Clay. The first thing I realised when I put it on is the amazing smell. It smells like you're entering a garden with green trees and birds singing haha. The consistency of this mask is really nice too. So if you feel like having some haven on your face go for it!
The little things like putting on a face mask and painting your nails are so importent to making you feel your best end perform your best. So if you feel tired and unproductive just get


I feel like I need to do this more often. Sometimes I forget to just relax in the week because I've got so many thoughts flowing in my mind. In my experience productivity and ideas only come when you are completely relaxed and open minded. And it's something I'm learning to do day by day.
Tell me what you do to make your day a little more special. Comment or tage me on instagram
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Outfit diary (all about the trench-coat )

So I’m starting this new little fashion segment. I’ll be sharing my favourite clothing items for this fall.

This season is all about The new and interesting trench-coat.

I just got the most amazing one from a local biotique in my town cold Verso. 

It’s just a little different. 

You can see the classic belted waste and…. butterfly sleeves. That little element of surprise. 😍

When you look for a fall coat remember to add that special feature. 
This could be a colour, unusual design.. Or anything that sparks joy.

Happy shopping 😘

Coat || Kocca 

Available in Verso

Boomstraat 21

2880 Bornem

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How to cut your bathroom time in half (for all you late girls)

Yes we all find ourself late to, kind of everything…  Especially us girls. We want to go in the bathroom and walk out looking like models. Not like I do BTW. But I’ve found THE way to actually not be late to, lets be real EVERYTHING.

Don’t do your hair

Do it at night. Don’t start doing your hair in the morning. it will take literally for ever. Instead tie your hair in a bun on top of your head and wrap a silk scarf around it. This will avoid tangles and keep your hear perfect for the next day. Plus this will actually increase hair growth.

Right now i just use an old silk scarf from my mum to get the job done. Even one from the thrift store will do. This really doesn’t have to be fancy.

Take a picture of your outfit

If you are loving a outfit take a picture of it. in that way you have options when you lack inspiration. For the girls who love to stay in bed until the last minute this is gold!

And when your at it, put it on instagram. And follow me @lisawinckelmans if you haven’t already (shameless self-promotion…)

In the shower

For all you people with those dirty minds out there. Take a chill pill. I’m not talking about that.

In the shower you can actually wash your face and brush your teeth.

Think about it, it’s water it will work just as well. Instead of singing the entire Taylor Swift album (yes you don’t pretend I do it too) this will be helpful.

Pump it up

The best way to be aware of time without stress is with music. Create a playlist that is about 20 minutes long and try to be ready when the playlist is finished. This has been amazing for me, I found it one of the most helpful things ever!

If you have any tips. Please share them in the comments. And don’t forget to share this post with all your friends who are late to everything 😉

You can follow me on social media to never miss the crazy train…

Instagram: @lisawinckelmans

Twitter: @winckelmanslisa

Snapchat @lisawinckelmans


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Sun protection tips. ( get even toned skin, anti -aging )

As the temperatures rise and the sun shines, you need to be protected. This tips will make you a pro at looking great and protected any time of the year. Also for all you older girls and guys out there, it will make you look younger longer!

Don’t wait until your outside

Make shore you wear your sunblock 20 minutes before going out. This will give the sunblock time to sink in and protect you from UV radiation.

Two in one products

Why make things harder then they are? If it isn’t to sunny outside you can get away with wearing a BB cream or day cream whit SPF in it.

Don’t relay on makeup

Resist the erge to run out of your house without sunblock! Just because a product has SPF on it doesn’t mean it will protect you. Makeup has really little SPF in it and you will have to apply a lot of it to be protected.

Renew the bottle

Everyone bas that bottle of sunblock in the back off there drawer. Don’t use it, read the expiration date.  Expired sunblock can lose it’s protective effect.

Don’t go over 50

Sunblock isn’t legit if it’s over 50. It’s could marketing my loves.

Wear sunglasses

Now you have an excuse to buy those disigner sunglasses you’ve been eying. The sun can actually damage your mussels for ever. So I think i’ve given you a good enough argument to get your those sunnies.


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Skin care horror story 

For a short period of time I’ve been using products from the perfumery

In the beginning they where great. Like how every horror movir starts…

I hade an alergic reaction this week. The reason why I’ve not been posting selfies…

So I went to the farmacy and got a range of the avène products.

The most important thing is go to a pharmacy. Those people know what they are doing. Better be safe then sorry!

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Building your makeup collection 

I love makeup and over the past 2 years I’ve been building  a collection. The problem is that I didn’t know where to start.

We all have YouTube, it’s got some amazing things but the problem is there’s too much information.

When I started looking for a collection I felt like I needed a large budget to start but honestly you don’t

#1 mascara

Get a mascara to start and learn to apply it. It doesn’t have to be expensive. The more mascara you’ll use the more you will keep buying and you will learn what you like.

#2 the brushes

Once you are comfortable with mascara you will need brushes to keep building your collection. Don’t go and buy 100’s of brushes. Just get a simple kit from H&M or forever 21. Those kits are

unbelievably cheap and they will do the trick. Later on you can invest in the nice brushes #3 foundation and powder

Getting your first foundation that does what it should is so hard. I was looking orange for so long. Just talk to the people in the store. I recommend Bobby brown. The coverage is amazing and once you have the foundation powder will be easy to find.

#4  eyebrow powder or pencil

It’s important to get your eyebrows shaped first Don’t do it yourself! After they are shaped you can tweeze them. Once that’s done  get a pencil and colour then yourself. It will make your face look nicer.

This are my essentials. It’s the easiest way to get into makeup

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Aloe Propolis cream 

Lately I’ve been liking the aloe propolis cream. I have dry skin with the occasional breakouts. And I’ve been looking for something that’s hydrating and smells nice.

 I don’t know about you but I hate creams that smell like sunblock. But I was afraid of getting some rash. Crocodile skin is only pritty on a bag.

So I needed something natural and stumbled and found the answer…

The aloe propolis cream!

The good

It’s veery hydrating and is made form natural products. The day after I used if you could see the difference.  All those little zits where gone and it made my skin very soft.

The bad

It’s very thik cram so you can really notice you have something one.


Anyone who has dry skin should try this cream. It’s really good for that. But I would recommend it for oily or combined skin.

Order on

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Tea Tuesday: Dior Addict Rock n' Roll

This is a new segment on my blog where I’m going to review my favorate beauty and fashion products.

So I just got this new lipstick and fell in love.

Me and my mum went to a cosmetics store called ici Paris xl, it’s our equivalent of Sephora. I walked in and saw the Jennifer Laurence add and kind of freaked.

I know you shouldn’t buy something because a celebrity is on it but she looked so cool. So long story short, one of the sales associates tried it on me.

My lips are mostly really dry, but then I saw that my lips where actually moisturised from this lipstick. And I kind of had to have it 😉

So I love it so much, there is only one downside, it’s a little hard to turn the knob but aside from that it’s amazing and the colour is stunning.

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