My love for a designer bag

Let’s be honest designer bags are amazing and we all wish to wear them as much as we can but It’s expensive. I’m a student and I don’t work so my financial situation is always very minimal. Tough I really love nice stuff.

The Louis Vuitton Bag

I have been eyeing the louis vuitton capuchin for a very long time but I just can’t spend almost €3000 on it at the moment. Seeing it everywhere on instagram made me want it even more. But because I don’t want to sell my kidney just yet, I found an alternative that does exactly what that bag does for me.

My Zara Bag

When I went in zara I saw the BAG. I swear angels song in my ear. Okay just kidding but it really ought me by surprise. A bag that looked exactly like the LV one but only for €20. The nice part is that it also has a strap on it so I still have the hands free feeling I wanted with the LV bag. Plus, the inside is this beautiful burgundy lining I ams o in love with. It’s just a little bit different.

Something extra

Because the bag looked very plane without a logo on it or anything I added a little key holder to make it look more fun. I feel like putting things like that on the bag make it look way more expensive. And I already got some compliments on this bag!

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This bag is available in grey and in black in the zara store or you can Shop online.

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Black bag

In Belgium fall is pretty cold. And this fall I really didn't want to give up dresses. Over the summer I really fell in love with the simplicity and ease of waring dresses.

I love just trowing something on and being ready to go. Especially on those days I really don't know what to ware or just am in a hurry to get to class.

But waring dresses in fall isn't as easy as in seams. Especially because of the cold wether, but also because I don't want to be that person who stands out wearing a summer dress when it's 2°c outside. Or like I was dropped
from some island (BTW I wish)

So I went on a hunt for a dress that could showcase all the elements I would want in a fall dress.

Long sleeves

I love long sleeves. I feel like they slim my arms and keep me warm in the colder months. Honestly I even love long sleeves in summer, they really town my body without really working out.

  It can be short

Wearing short dresses in fall is totally acceptable to me. That's what thermo stockings are for. I only discovered them last year, and I'm in love! They are not only flattering and suck in that muffin top I have going on after being at home on the weekends. (mums cooking is the best)

Keep it trendy

It's easy to make finger out if last years dress is still trendy. Just get a magazine and look at the colors. If the color pallet is similar I'm good to go.

Confidence makes any outfit rock so go for it!