The new blog

Blogging is an art form on it’s own. It’s a really easy way to reach people with topics that not only intrest you but can also help others. I fell in love with blogging because I wanted to inspire people that looked like me and had the same condition.

For a full year I have been talking about fashion and beauty primarily. I saw demand but no supply that’s why I started my blog.  It’s an interesting topic but I don’t feel like it’s part of my personality anymore. I have fallen in love with learning more then ever before. My education has become my biggest priority and my biggest obsession.

The past couple of months I haven’t been posing because I didn’t know what to talk about. After my trip to Berlin I realised how importent transparency is to move forward.

In the center of Berlin there’s a building named the Reichstag. From the outside it looks like an old building but when you enter it’s a new construction. Instead of letting go of the old structure that was perfect they build a new construction inside. Remembering  where they started but letting go of the past system.

When I saw that building something changed. The old blog was kind of working but now I want a new transparent and beautiful system that everyone can see.  Just like the Reichstag, I’m using the old foundation to build something new and beautiful.

Because I’ve changed I want my blog to grow with me. Now you will be able to find book & movie reviews and my interpretation of different topics regarding health, advice& communication, technology&recent development and my life.

So this is a little post to challenge you to explore all the topics you care about and write about them;


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Why you should always be learning

People always say that being an over achiever is bad. I am hire to tell you it isn’t. Not only is it a good thing. It is one of the things that keep me going.

I love research, and the minut I say this it might seam like an understatement. But I am that person that looks up everything. When someone talks about something and I don’t know about it, I look it up to figure out what it exactly is.

This means that consuming information is one of my biggest hobbies in an odd sense. And for a while I stopped doing that and started limiting myself to what I was learning in school. Not because I didn’t want to know more but because people told me to.

Learning isn’t studying

Think about it. Not everyone loves to study and I get that. Yes, I am kind of a nerd hey 🙂 But regardless of that we like to put learning and studying in the same category. Studying is trying to cram information. When learning is something you do every day, just by asking questions and talking to people.

Any information is good information

Wether you are learning something just because you like it or because someone told you so. The resisters towards a subject can really ruin everything.  All information you absorb is good. People say that some skills they learn in school won’t be useful in later life. According to me they are, every single thing you learn is a good thing. There is nothing like useless information if you look at it the right way.

No one is stupid

Einstein and a relatively small brain mass.  This might surprise you, I know I was shocked when I read it. This made me realise that it’s what you do whit information that counts not what you are genetically blessed with.  The more you are going to try to expose yourself to information, the more you will learn. It’s importent to make different connections in your brain to be ‘smarter’ and this you can do by just being curious.



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How to get your shit together and learn to actually be an adult

  how to be an adult

This past year I’ve changed a lot. In a good way if I do say so myself.  I’ve learned how to calm down and be way more rational. So basically I got my shit together.

Not rushing

Do you know those times when you are trying to put on your shoos but it’s just not happening? Chances are you are in such a rush you are not focust. This used to happen to me all the time.

I always try to stay calm even if I am late to thing. There’s no need to make yourself crazy and get that unnecessary adrenalin rush. Instead I just stay calm and think about what I need to do. Trust me this takes less time.

Listening to people

I love being right. But recently I’ve learned that everyone has something relevant to say. Don’t ever look down on people. I learn so much form listening to others, you would be surprised to hear the knowledge people have.

The other day my little brother taught me how to send snapchat videos to Instagram. That’s just an example of one of the things I would not have known if I didn’t listen.


You know I am going to bring up philosophy any time I can. But this is something that truly helped me grow as a person.

You are in charge of your own being and that’s so powerful. If I am not happy with something or in a bad mood I just sit down and think about it. At the end of  the day I am making the unconscious decision to have a bad day. So I can change it just by using my thoughts.

It might seem odd to you but I would tell everyone to take a philosophy class or read a book. But if that isn’t really your cup of tea or you just don’t have the time. Here is a free youtube serie you can watch and learn about the world around you.

Have fun

This is one thing we all forget to do once in a while. I realised I don’t need to be productive and working every minute of the day. Sometimes it’s enough to just sit and relax. There’s really nothing wrong with that. How to be an adult is relative guys. Just be happy when doing it.


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How to live a positive and meaningful life

This has been one of the biggest pitfalls in my life. It’s a very dark journey. Finding the things you love and being happy. It took me a long time to actually smile and look forward to things.

I’m a pessimistic person by nature. So giving myself that extra boots can make the biggest difference.

Be passionate

Even if it is about your outfit in the morning. Having a passion for something is the key to happiness for me. Yes, it’s also the source of stress and turmoil but those emotions make you appreciate it. I love my blog and do everything to create content I am proud to put out. Even if it isn’t perfect at times I do it with all my love.

Don’t care

Judgement is the wrecking ball to all your dreams. I’m not going to say you should’t care. But sometimes you should live in your own little bubble. To me my little bubble is turning of my phone when I am with my friends. Pretending it doesn’t exist or listening to a lecture without all the crazy notifications lighting up my screen.

Short term vs long term

Having long term goals is great. You should have long term goals but it’s the little things that make life worth it. Even if it is having a cup of coffee in the morning. All those little things can really make your day. I start smiling when I smell flowers in the morning or get a text from my best friend. I feel like we take all those little things for granted. Because we are in a world where everything goes so fast but there are times you should sit down and think. Sometimes I can just sit and look outside thinking about what I can do next to make everything better and more amazing. Reflection is key to a happy and calm life

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How to stand up for yourself and be assertive

Being assertive

One of the most importent skills you’ll ever learn is being assertive  And it’s a skill I had to learn very young. I used to have kids bully me all the time like most. And yes that’s normal. But one thing I can tell you now, jus because you are an adult now doesn’t mean it will stop. Now you will have to stand up for yourself agains adults. And trust me you can’t be going around pushing everyone anymore like in kinder garden! So you will have to be assertive and I am here to tell you how.

Something happend this passed weekend and if you follow me on snapchat or instagram you already know the story. Basically someone has just been making comments on me and I realised that I never really told you guys how I deal with this now.

Is it worth your time?

If I would stand up for myself every time someone made a comment I don’t think I would ever do anything els in my life. Sometimes you just need thick skin and let it slide. Not everyone is worth your time.  Honestly the people that shout out comment at you on the street are not the smartest people and aren’t the ones to fight with.

Those are the people you write blogposts about and just say thank you too because they basically gave you a great idea. And if you are Taylor Swift you can smile it off with a grammy.

Don’t be violent

This is hard for me to be honest. As a child I always had to fight back because kids used to try to beat me up. Let’s just say I will never be Gandhi. I used to be a pretty violent person even if I am very good with words. I can discuss and explain myself very well but when I was younger people never understood me. So I stopped trying. Now when I feel like resulting into violence or getting mad I talk to people or I remove myself from the situation. Be the bigger person, don’t be an idiot and get yourself into fights just because someone is provoking you!

Talk to the person

This is where being assertive comes into play. I try to talk to people when they are making comments about me. But you have to do it the right way. And it’s not easy to distinguish the different types of people out there.

Some people don’t even think they are offending you and just talking to them can solve the problem. The people that keep making comments sometimes just need a nice person. I am always nice to the people that make comments to me and it trows them off gard. They don’t really understand why I am being nice. Doing things like opening the door for them or waving to them after they made a comment makes them wonder.



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5 ways to sleep better

Sleeping, one of the hardest things for me personally. But one of the most crucial things to success. I love to sleep but it’s so hard to fall asleep. I went form taking sleeping pills to having a good rest.


Sins I went vegan my sleep is so much better. I never have a full or booted feeling so I don’t need to deal with that. Also I don’t really have cravings at night and if I do it’s mostly for some fruit. And that’s fine for sleeping.

Phone off, book on

Yes at night I put my phone on silent. Don’t worry your alarm will go off in the morning. I was actually using that as an excuse. But just try to read before bed. It’s relaxing, good for your grammar and actually helps you sleep.

Pyjamas and no make up

I wear my pyjamas as soon as I get home. If you work a lot like I do at night it’s good to remove your make up and wear pyjamas. It puts you in that relaxed mood and also you don’t need to do all that before bad. And trust me it can get late if you do it before and watch youtube videos… I know this from experience.


If you don’t know about my little blog diary you can check that out. But I basically reflect on my day and what I have learned. Even if i had a bad day, there is always a valuable lesson I learned and I love to share that. Reflecting on your day is just a great way to put your mind at rest. It doesn’t have to be on a blog. It can just be in your journal or even praying if you are religious. Just keep a little bit of reflection part of your routine.

Decaf after noon

If you love coffee as much as I do, this one seems hard. I used to drink coffee turnout the day. Up to 7 cups a day. Needless to say I had some sleep issues. But thanks to the Nespresso box I bought, I had some decaf cups left. Now I drink coffee int the morning and then switch to decaf if I still want the last. I can have the best of both worlds witch I love.

Thank you for reading my darlings.

If you have any requests or things you would like me to talk about tell me in the comments or on twitter



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Going to uni, taking a leap of faith

In October I’m going to uni if everything goes as planed. I’ve looked forward to this moment for ever. I’ve never really been a high school person. What I’m trying to say is that I never was popular or particularly talented.

I’m the smart kid that doesn’t really care I guess. Just get the marks you need to leave. I’m going to law school and I am exited. But at the same time I am so terrified. And I feel like no one tells you this. There is no one who will tell you the truth.

I can be honest with you and say yes I cried. I’m afraid of failing. Like lots of people! So I went to my mum and asked her what I should do. She just looked me in the eye and said “you’ve always wanted to be a lawyer don’t give up now. And it’s true. At the age of 3 I would tell my mums friends that they should get divorced and I’ll make them rich in the settlement. Aka things a kid shouldn’t be saying haha. And funny enough I wasn’t allowed to what TV so don’t really know where it came form.

So I guess I’m jumping in the deep and. I don’t even know if I will like it, maybe I won’t even be good at it. But I know that if I don’t go and try I’m going to hate myself forever. And I feel like it’s importent to take a leap of faith. I believe in me and maybe this is the right path for me.

I’m not this perfect human being and I will never ever know what life will trow at me. But it’s better to fail then to live with regret. I am realising this when I look back. Their have been so many things that I wish I did. So this time I’m letting my heart  take the weal and giving my conscious a vacation on the back seat.


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How to enjoy being single after being in a relationship

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Single, a word that people have dreaded since the begging of human history.Trying to find a partner to accompany them in breathing season... Haha just kidding, I watch discovery channel a lot.

But let's be real being single sucks. Every women on the planet wants a freaking boyfriend to hug at night and have company.

 Okay not that long I'm not a nun but you get the point.

I feel like being single is something fun in its own way. That single life has something to it. Now I can say, I don't have the need to look for a boyfriend anymore. If it happens it happens, obsession is over.

Love your own company

Thanks to my philosophy teacher I have learned one thing. To be happy with myself. Finding joy in your own company. I'm not talking about being a creepy person that talks to themselves but being happy with yourself. You should be loving your own company and just loving yourself as a human.

Find a hobby

And I am not talking about trashing your exes car. I mean if you want 10 ways how to get revenge on your ex I can write that. And trust me there are smarter ways to talk about it, and I see you sitting hire thinking, what do you think of stalking his girlfriend? No, I'm talking about a real hobby something you like that brings you joy. That's what a hobby is to me, it should make me happy. I should be finding fulfilment by doing it.

Go out

Do things with your friends. Don't be that creepy person that doesn't ever go out and sits in their room with the curtains closed. Just remember to live your life. No other person can ever define you. They are not deciding what you should and shouldn't be doing. Have fun! That's the best advice I've ever gotten.

I was having the worst day ever and I remember Nathan (AKA the best friend on planet earth) telling me not to care. He told me that it's my life and I shouldn't give a fuck about what's going on with him.


ME time

The best thing you can do is care for yourself. You are back on the market. Go for it, look the best you have ever looked. Wear whatever you want, go and get a manicure. Have some ME TIME

I hope you liked this post and share what you think


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New Years Eve with the people I love

Girl looking outside with twinkling lights surrounding her

New Years Eve, new you. that’s what we all are hoping for.

Hi guys, I’m sitting by the dinner table with my family. My phone by my side calling all the people I care about. And of course writing a little thank you to all of you. This year I’m turning 20 and I’m deciding to close a chapter.

New Years Eve with my family

I am not spending my New Years Eve with friends. Because honestly I haven’t been surrounding myself with good people. I tell y’all this a lot, surround yourself with the people that support you. This year I’ve had to learn the hard way.

With more and more people getting to know who I am and fame lurking on my doorstep. I had to learn that not everyone has good intentions. Some people only want to be your friends because you have something they don’t.

It’s funny to see the people that hated me as a kid asking for a friend request on Facebook. A scenario we are all dealing with thanks to social media. But you know what I’m not going to let them take advantage of me and what I work for.

That’s why I’m not spending my new year with friends. But with my family and the people I care most dearly for. These people support me and what I do. That’s why I am surrounded by them. And of course with all of your,

Special thank you

And I also want to say thank you to all of you guys for being my friends this year. You can not imagine how much I love you all. You guys are my friends and I feel so blessed to have you all in my life.


See you next year, Aka I’ll see tomorrow with a blogpost 🙂

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How to stick to your new years resolutions

Girl walking down staircase in a blag lace dress

New years resolutions

Here I am laying on my bad struggling to get all my thoughts together. Wondering what in the hell I will be doing this new year. I’ve got a lot of ideas and thoughts. Like every year and everyone els. A new year is a new start and good intentions flow but it doesn’t mean I’ll stick to it.

But to be fear I’ve done really good this year. Getting myself a gym membership and actually going. I can’t complain. I started my blog and modelling career this year. And honestly I kept all the resolutions I normally wouldn’t. Even if I slug of a little sometimes I can say I’ve not done to bad for myself.

Looking at it now I can see exactly where I’ve changed.

Girl smiling sitting on white table with a view of brussels Listen to your gut

As a rationalist I let my mind speak before my hart can lead the way. But sometimes you should go with your gut feeling. I would never have had this blog if I listened to my head. Just jumping in the deep end and let your mind catch up along the way. Believe me it works.


Don’t be afraid to go another direction then your initial thought. There’s nothing wrong with that. I am changing my constantly because I feel like it’s not perfect jet. And on the end of the day that’s fine. Don’t be afraid to change what you used to think and make it something new. If it’s not working why don’t you change the angle and make it amazing!

Believing I can

There is no switch to believe in yourself. It’s a process and it takes so much time. I am still learning this daily. I trust my own instincts more and more. And it’s just because every time I feel like I can’t do something I write about it. I tell you the truth. Letting out bad thoughts and feelings is so important if you want to succeed.

And if you want to know how I got my motivation back theres more on that hire. I read other fun post about new years resolutions on



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5 signs he is’t mr right

Finding the one is every girls dream. Including me!  Even  if he is the 4th Hamsworrth brother, the most charming man on the plant. It doesn't make him relationship material
I know what you are thinking. Why can't I just find the right person and get over it? That's not how it works and OMG I wish it did.  But first let's identify what's wrong. Then we can see who is right. 
I have my fare share of bad relationships experience. From my first boyfriend, who turned out to gay.
To my last boyfriend who turned out to just want nudes. With he NEVER got! I get approached by guys every day. Not for being attractive. But I'm in the modelling industry. Guys that's a wrong dude magnet on it's one.
Not going anywhere with you
This is red flag number one. If I see this I should be running the opposite direction.
If he is hiding me there's something going on. Now I run, taken the fire escape if I need to. But don't go all creepy on him.
If I only have been dating for a week, I won't expect him to introduce me to his best friends and his parents. But if it's just not happening, leave!
Asking for sex
Lets be real. If he keeps bugging me for sex he isn't the one. Just because he has a six pack I won't be sleeping with him.  Come on hun keep yourself in check. It can happen. I think the 3 date rules not that bad.  But he shouldn't be asking it on the first date.
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Talking about his ex
I know this may be obvious to most of you. But  he shouldn't be talking about his ex. Maybe he is really sweet. But you can't open your hart to someone who isn't ready.


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
I hope you like this little rant type of situation going on. If it's your thing subscribe to my mailing list or bloglovin' . And we always could be my best on the socials. 🙂
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How I got my motivation back


I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and I really love what I do but am I doing this right? It’s a question I ask myself a lot. I wrote a post about bettering yourself and doing good but the question always is am I? I am a serious self critic as you guys know. Perfectionism is part of me and how I am as a person. Looking at what some people are putting up on the internet I feel like my content isn’t getting out there enough.



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