How I get a little bit more confidence

I'm a pretty confident person but sometimes I need a little boost just to get me through the day. I don't have perfect skin and I don't always look amazing (I'm not Beyoncé haha). There are days I want to feel just a little better. And even though we are all beautiful just the way we are sometimes we want just that tough of magic.
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Getting that little boost can come from a lot of places, it can be wearing a nice dress or having a cup of coffee in the morning. There are always little things that can make us feel a little better. For me it's wearing a full face of makeup. I feel very put together when I can look flawless and perfect. It's that little time you take just for yourself to best version of yourself.
Enhancing beauty
A lot of women with albinsm think their are hiding their true features when wearing makeup. But I feel like it's just enhancing what you've got and I definitely do this. But finding the right foundation to fit my skin town is a task on it's own. I've been to places looking orange a lot. Trust me my mum must have the picots.. But thanks to Clinique I found a foundation that fits my skin town and has SPF 15. The Superbalanced Silk Make Up SPF15 foundation gives my face a glorious effect. Not only is it a matt foundation it also  nourishes the dry spots on my fragile skin. I think this is one of those rare occasions where you are ever going to hear me rave about a foundation.
All day perfection
If I put the time and effort into it I want to look good all day. And I defiantly get this feeling with this foundation. I can wear it all day without feeling self conscious at all. With the perfect outfit and my coffee in my hand. I'm ready to rock the world.
Even though I like taking my time to look nice once in a while. I don't want to take hours. Chasing your outfit the night before and having your space clean (new years resolution!) I feel like with this foundation I need 10 minutes to look my best.
I'm applying it with the Clinique foundation brush just in simple stroking motions. Luckily it doesn't need that much blending because no one has time for that. I also apply it under my eyes because it has this odd way of making me look less tired with is always welcome.
I need 2 to 3 coin size amounts of the foundation just for full converge. I do apply it down to my neck because I always have veins showing because of my pail skin.


My secret
Now you know my secret to having a little more confidence. If you are wearing a sexy outfit, trying this foundation or just feeling good about yourself, tag me in your pics and you know I'm always on instagram so I will be commentting <3

Review made in collaboration with Clinique

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You can do better

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I'm putting this out there, not only for myself but for every other person that will ever come across my blog.  We all watch other people do good and say it's because they are lucky, pretty, rich, smart...
We are humans and we always define other peoples success by blaming it on other factors not to diminish or hurt ourselves. But this is one thing I'm going to STOP doing next year and own up to my successes and failures.
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Everyone can fuck off
Excuse my french but why are you caring what anyone thinks. When Steve Jobs quit school he didn't care did he? If you are passionate and hard working the only thing holding you back is others. This year I'm getting rid of all the toxic relationships and only keeping the ones that give me joy and happiness. It can't always be a fairy-tail world I know that but life is too short to have anyone bringing you down. i don't care what people think and hate comments don't hurt me but I still have people in my life that are too negative and make me unhappy. And it's time to let them go.
Time management
This coming year I'm gong to be adding time management to my blog. It's something I struggle with a lot. Yes, I'm productive and I get work done but I can do so  much more and this is the skill I will be learning this year and I'll be sharing what I've learned along the way. 
The best in the game
I don't like to say it a lot but I feel like I need to be as transparent as I can be. I look at the best in the game. In every aspect of my life I like looking at the people that succeeded. I'm going to always put the best and most successful people as role role-models. When I open one of my favourite blogs and look to their content, writing ability and design. I want to better my own. Just the same with studying,  I am looking to find the most successful and smartest people to look up to. Yes, maybe I'm setting the highest goals for myself but if you don't have something to look up to how the hell will you get better?
Success = work
You will never ever see success if you don't put the time and effort into it. Even the Kardashens work hard, just watch the show, you know what I mean. It feel like my mother has told me this so much but it only sunk in recently. Only when I started following big bloggers on youtube I realised how much these people work. Also I started watching a lot of study videos and looked at how these people achieve academic success . I learned this about 2 weeks ago and I think and I hope you guys are seeing an improvement in the content and blogposts I put out. I knew ti all along but let's just say it only sunk in now. 
Practice what you preach
This is primarily to myself but I still want you to hear this. Good advice for someone els should be something you are already doing. You're telling your friends go to the gym, why aren't you there then? 
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If you know ay influential people who have achieved academic success please stare and don't forget to tell me how you feel about this topic.


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Letting go of your goals

In all honest I am very bad at letting go of my goals. I always have been and will be bad at it. But I'm learning to let go, the past weeks I realised that the results you get can be good enough. You don't need to define your goals in numbers or quantities , but in the quality.
Lately I've had a hard time with this. I always expect more of myself. Not because my expectations are too high but because I know I can get there. Sometimes life just gets in the way and we should accept that. It's not always possible to reach your goal immediately. But I don't think there's an expiry date when it comes to perfection.
 Not me


What if someone els got that result? I bet you would say its good, so way are you mad at yourself? This is also a perfectionism thing but its also just accepting that getting a curtain result isn't that all that bad. Don't give yourself a hard time, sometimes good is good and that's all to it.


Put it into context
Be aware of your own needs and feelings don't just put hem away in a box. You can be honest with yourself if you where going through a hard time and you feel like you weren't performing optimal. Just put it into context. Be honest with yourself and tell yourself you didn't do it perfect because of personal issue


To me failure is not trying. If you are trying and working to get somewhere it's simply not failing. I feel like every time I did't reach a goal, I learned form it. And that seems more importent to me than reaching it. Bettering yourself is the most importent skill you can ever have. Remember that.


Pants ZARA
Boots ZARA
If this post was helpful please share and tell me how you feel.
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Blogs to follow

I’ve been reading so many blogs lately. Yes I just downloaded the bloglovin’ app on my phone.There are so many amazing blogs to follow. I’m going to share the ones I read on a daily bases

Lydia Elise Millen

I rave about this girl constantly. I feel like she could be my best friend or like a big sister. I just love how she tells you what your friends are afraid to say. Honesty she truly inspires me.


You have seen me talk about lilylikes before. If you feel like you are doing to much. I would advice you to watch one of her law school volgs. They just make you want to get up and stop being lazy. Her blog has this magazine feel to it witch I love

Annabel Pessant

Of cours I’m going to add my fave Antwerp girl. She is not only stylish but reading her blog is like having a conversation with her. It’s the pretty friend your secretly a little jealous of  🙂 I would so want to live in her closet.

In the frow

Okay there is no way I wouldn’t add this blog. Victoria knows what she’s talking about with a PHD in fashion she’s THE EXPERT. Her style is very unique but still I would wear it every day. I love going to her blog to learn about everything that’s going on in the fashion and beauty world.


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My Christmas wish list

I’m jumping on the bandwagon just because well I felt like it.  This list will not only have high and stuff,  just for the dreamers but also affordable stuff for the buyers.

#Givenchy Antigona

This bag is not going anywhere, every single fashion blogger own this and it’s a bag I dream about or watch Lydia Elise Millen talk about lol. It would be so amazing. I am one of those people that has a vision about how a bag will change my life.

#Chanel earnings

I’ve been wanting these for ever! You would be surprised how classy they look on, even with a low end outfit. They just look amazing on and yes I am thinking about the flatlays I can make with these…

#Olympus Pen E P18

Yes guys I need a camera! Like really bad.. But I just haven’t gotten to it. This is a camera that I see everyone buying and I would really love to get into vlogging soon. Very soon…

#H&M let it snow sweater

I am a jumper junky, I love being warm and comfortable and when I saw this sweater on the H&M site. Yes, I stalk it almost ever day!  And honestly it’s so cute


This is the perfect gift to put into your stockings and I’m hoping to get it. I am making myself a commitment this year. I’m going to learn how to do may own nails, I swear I’ll learn to master the french manicure. If any of you guys have tips please share.

# Bow for the brow – antwerp avenue

Have you seen how amazing these phone cases are??? They have the fun quotes on them in amazing colours.  I really would love to see one of those under the tree.

Bow for the Brows


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The girlfriend christmas guide


Yes almost , Christmas .. Are you EXITED. Because I am and if you aren’t boo you, watch mean girls. Yes, I’m talking about the Regina Goerge dance routine.

Today I’m going to tell you all the secrets to giving her what she wants. Because you don’t want to put her in that situation when she is kindly asking you for the receipt.

#1 Small and thoughtful

You don’t always need to buy the biggest thing on the planet. Just because it’s in a big box doesn’t guaranty she will like it. Instead pay attention to what she’s saying. If she keeps complaining about something small give her that. Even if it’s cheap, she will feel like you pay attention to her.

#2 Go classic

If you girlfriend hasn’t been complaining about things she needs for some time. You’r freaking lucky. (lol) I complain all the time about things I need… Go for something classic like some nice earrings and when I say nice they can be €40 or €50 as long as they are packed nicely and don’t have branding on the box. And don’t forget to get allergy free!

#3 Not just flowers

I know flowers are amazing but they are only good if the are accompanied by something small. If you just get flowers its kind of odd. Honesty I wouldn’t be very happy.

#4 An expiriance

If you really don’t know what to get her and she has buys herself everything she wants, you have one more option. Get  her an experience. This can be a weekend somewhere or  going with her to that movie she wanted and cooking dinner. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be big to be impressive. Or you can go and get something together, reserve some lunch and go shopping. There are lots of amazing experiences you can give her.

My biggest tip is to just listen to her don’t be afraid to get her what she asks for. When women say I want this, they meen it. Remember you know her better the you think!

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Exam motivatition


Yes I’m in the middle of my exams and I’m freaking exited. I am that 1% of people that actually loves exams and studying.  There’s something comforting about being able to learn something on your own.

Even though I love studying getting into that spirit is hard. I can admit that I’m not always motivated. But there is a concept that has helped me when I’m down.

A couple of weeks ago I watched a video by @lilylikes about her motivation. (I will link the video billow)  She’s a law and philosophy student and she really made an impact on me. I’ve been taking philosophy classes myself and her view resonated with me.


” you can change your own mind “

Let me first start by explaining existentialism This is a philosophical theory that states that humans are free beings who are in charge of there own development.

People say that it’s there character that makes them do certain things or that they are just lazy, this isn’t true. Your character doesn’t make you do suff. You are the one doing it. And you can change your own mind.

“your character doesn’t make you do suff”

You are actually in charge of your own toughts and your are making the chose not to pass an exam or study. This means that everything is in your hands. Just remember this when you study, it’s not the subject your are studying that’s the problem when you fail it’s you not wanting to learn it.

A quick disclaimer, every philosophical concept is an extreem I know there are things you can’t change but this is just to make a point. This is helping me so much. And I hope it helps you out.

This is Lilly’s video


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Am I in love with love


Lately I’ve been catching myself looking at peoples relationships and feeling kind of lonely. Then I realised I’m just in love with the idea of being in love not with a person.


I guess society says you should be in love. Especially at my age, I’ve only had one serious relationship and I feel like my friends assume I’ve had a lot of boyfriends. But in reality its not true. In reality I’m a pretty shy and awkward person. On camera and on my blog I seem to be this really outgoing person which I am if you know me. But honestly I feel like I don’t fit into this perfect ideology of having some boyfriend.

The beauty of a relationship

Relationships look good, that’s the truth. When I see people out there with there boyfriend/girlfriend I’m a little jealous that’s the truth. And I feel like it’s okay, relationships do look pretty but that doesn’t mean they are perfect.

Not about sex

Let’s just be honest I’ve never had full on sex. And I’m taking my time, maybe it’s me being naive or stupid but I feel like I want an emotional and a physical connection. Not just something I’ll regret.

Just the idea

Just because your in love with the idea of being in love doesn’t mean you should get in a relationship. It’s about feelings and having a emotional connection with the other person.

I’m taking my time, tell me how you feel and what you think is the right thing to do.



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iPhone 7 plus review


Finally my long awaited iPhone 7 review. I know it’s taken some time for me to share this but now the new camera feature is out, I feel like I can share my thoughts. This post won’t be too specific because I feel like you can find those well, everywhere.

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The time I stopped giving a fuck

I used to care so much about everyone. What will they think of me? Will anyone ever read the stuff I put online?

My blog has been hidden from my friends and family for months. Now today 3 november I’ve put my blog up for all my facebook friends to see.

Now I have more than 1000 of y’all  reading my stuff I’ve grown pretty confident. By the way thank you to everyone.

So I’m jumping into the deep end, spending money on a blog templates and all. I feel like finally I can say I believe in myself and I love my own content.

Honestly the best advise I can give anyone is keep faking it till you make it. There will be a time you fall in love with your own stuff and it’s worth it.



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Things to do: lazy Sunday 

I know this is very contradicting. As the subject is lazy. But as I am the queen of this little group (according to my mum) I feel like I can share my secrets


Give yourself the time to just lay down and relax. Because if your having a lazy Sunday, it means you have being productive!


Lay down grab some popcorn and watch as many TV shows as you can.


There’s nothing like taking a hot bath on a Sunday afternoon. It’s the most amazing feeling to just lay in bath with some scented candles, listening to Ed Sheehan.














Take time to just breath and read that book that’s been on your nightstand. Yes I see you, open it and read 🙂

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3 things to get into the Christmas spirit

It’s almost that time of year. Finally we get to go all out for Christmas. Witch means putting up our tree and getting as many decorations we can around the house.

Hold up,  you maybe think it’s too early but honey if it was up to me we would start cerebrating Christmas in July.

Here are the 3 things we do in my house to get into the Christmas spirit.

  • Buy Chocolate milk

Stock up because well it’s getting cold and there is nothing like a good book and a good  cup of choco.

When I go shopping for Chocolate milk I go all out. The best, the greatest in the nicest jar I can get. Let’s call it choco criticism the Belgian part of me coming to the surface.

Make it an event, I do. I drag every family member who is willing aka my mum (sometimes my brother) to every chocolate store in Brussels to try as many types as we can. Trust me it’s fun!

Remember to always buy dark chocolate powder or melting chocolate. It is very nutritious, has antioxidants and keeps the skin looking young.

If you are watching your diet you can always use almond milk instead of regular milk to cut the calories. Plus it gives a really nice flavor.

  • Watch a Christmas special or 10

I’m not in the Christmas spirit unless I’ve seen a good Christmas special.

Hire are my 2 suggestions everyone will love. Even the people who aren’t that Christmassy. Tried and tested on my dad, they work

# A Madea Christmas

This movie is just hilarious. If you haven’t seen any Medea movies yet, I’m so sorry for getting you hocked.

# The last holiday

Watch this with a big cup of choco and your loved ones by your side.

# This Christmas

This is a movie I watch with my mum every Christmas. It’s just so amazing.

  • Get that sweater

Yes you heared me, the most unfashionable thing on the planet. The Chrismas sweater, it just gets me in the best mood ever. You are with the poeple you love, so go for it. There’s somthing megical about that sweater, even if it’s ugly you always look amazing.

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