Starting of with minimalism 

It’s a learning curve to start with minimalism if you have as much stuff as I do. But in the past days I’ve gotten rid of so much things without missing it. Here’s how 

The notebook 

Not the movie. An actual book guys. In this book I write down what I use. For example my makeup. I’m not very adventurous with my makeup. I like what I like and I want simplicity. A couple of days ago I did my routine and afterwards I wrote down what I used. All the things I didn’t use I put in a box.

Getting rid of it

After a couple of days I didn’t miss the products. As long as you don’t miss something you don’t need it. If I don’t used the products I will go and throw them away.

One day at a time 

I always used to clean up every month for 2 or 3 days. I did vacuum and stuff but I’m talking of the big cleaning. I had so much stuff that it was so hard. What I do now is every day I look at a small airia that will take me less that 10 minutes and do that. The big change is that after that first task is completed I want to do a second task. Because I see the impact.

Remember take it one step a time. 

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The phone clutter 

The first thing for me and my road to minimalism was my phone. I’ve got a lot of stuff on my phone and I needed to decide what I needed. These are the steps I have taken 

#1 photos

Put all your pictures on your computer and restart. 

#2 contacts 

Who do I really call. The number of your old friend you haven’t talked to in 10 years won’t be needed anymore, trust me.

#3 music 

I’m not going to listen to full albums on my phone so I just keep my favourite playlists. The rest is simply not important.

#4 games 

We all have games on our phone. Let’s be real if your a gamer you probably have a PlayStation or Xbox at home. Can’t you wait just a little?

#5 text messages end email 

Unsubscribe to the emails you don’t want and delete all your texts. If there is a important message you want to keep take a screen shot.

#6 reevaluate your apps monthly 

Check what you are using and delete the apps you tought you would use. 

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