My lists 

I’m a mess for really. I don’t find anything because I have too much stuff. I’m always afraid to throw because I think I’ll need it. 

Not that I collect a lot of thinking but you jumbos those clothes on the floor and stuff. 

Some of you may know I’m trying to become a minimalist. I’m going to try to keep as little items as possible.

This all sounds good but how do you do it?

I’m going to try to keep a list of everything I need. Every item I write down after I do my routine.

All the stuff that isn’t on my list can go. It’s hard but just get rid o it 

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Sale tips 

We are all exited waiting outside the store. But then when we get in the store we don’t see anything we like. But we come home with a full bag???

Here are some tips 

#1 buy what you are eyeing 

Only get the ting you wanted beforehand. Except if it’s so thing you love 

#2 Check the men’s/ kids department 

If you are looking for a classic polo shirt or something that men and women wear go and check the menswear department. Mostly the clothes are a lot cheaper. If you are on the petite side like I am you can get away wearing clothes for 16 year olds with saves a lot of money.

#3 ask yourself questions 

If this wasnt on sale would you buy it?

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Avoiding procrastinating 

This is something that we all struggle with once in a while. The past weeks I’ve been noticing that I’m getting things done. Here is how

#1 don’t think too much

We mostly build a stigma around the tasks we need to complete. Every time we pass something that reminds us of it we are like, it will take me so long, I don’t like it… Just do it don’t think about it.

#2 environment

It’s not fun to do something you don’t like in a boring atmosphere. Burn some candles, play some music…

#3 Make it an event

Dress up, put on makeup. Make yourself look good even if it’s just to clean your closet. It will make it feel like you are doing something important.

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Sexy or trashy 

Ladies there is a fine line between sexy and trashy. These are my tips on how I keep it sexy.

Too much skin 

Only accentuate  one part of you body. If you are wearing a short dress, don’t wear to much cleavage. Keep them wondering a bit. The same goes for when your showing lots of cleavage. The rest should be covered.


I love a good pair of stilettos. They are the perfect shoes. But never ever wear a short dress with really high hills. Your taller, your kind of asking people to look up at it!


Yes I know, how good is a diamond   if nobody can see? Well not right. Don’t wear to much juwlery, it just makes everything look cheap. 

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Buy what you love 

It’s really tempting when you go in a store and see that one thing that everyone has been wearing. Being on trend is something  we all want, but no one wants to walk out of a store with things they hate.

1. Is it your style

Be real, just because your favourite YouTuber halled it and it looks good on her doesn’t mean you need it. If you know what your style is it’s easier to eliminate what’s not you. I wrote a blogpost about finding your style if your not sure.

2. Does it go with my wardrobe?

If you  can’t think of at least 5 things it would go with ,don’t even think about it.

3. Does it look good on you?

Be realistic, no one is perfect. Just because someone else looks amazing in something doesn’t mean you will. Don’t tell yourself it’s fine and you will look good in it when you know you won’t.

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Luxury vs high street 

   This is a pretty controversial topic. I am going to try to give you my take on how I feel about it.

I love to buy high end, and I think everyone does. But we don’t always have the ability to buy everything we want.

The first thing I do is choose exactly what I want to buy. I love making a shopping list with all the things I want.

Later on I look at my list and see what is seasonal and what is a staple.

If you see something very expensive and You know you will use it for at least 5 more years don’t go to a high street store and get a fake.  You have been living without it for some time. You can wait a little longer.

If it’s something seasonal and you know it will go out of style go to a high street store and get it there.

The point is we are so lucky to have a choice these days, so spend your crash wisely!

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Wardrobe essentials every girl needs

Wardrobe essentials  every girl needs and should be having.

Choosing the clothes that you will invest in is very important. So here is a list of my basics. Remember these are one time investment pieces so spend the extra money, you will end up saving in the future.

1. The blazer

Get a blazer! Believe me ,I can’t stress this enough, it doesn’t matter what your style is. Everyone needs a blazer. You can dress them up or down. It can give you a polished look without trying. Or even casual if you wear it right!






Buying tips

  • Check the stitching for defects
  • The lining should be flattering
  • Go neutral, black and navy are good to start
  • The material should be rain resistant

2. Jeans

We all have jeans but are they right for us? Choosing jeans that you like and look good in is important. They are a staple we will all keep wearing forever but you don’t want you butt looking ugly do you now?

Buying tips

  • Ask for help, getting the correct size is important so just ask.
  • Don’t be afraid to go a size up or down, every brands sizing is different!
  • Choose what you like, don’t follow the rules about body shape. If you feel good in it get it

The LBD (little black dress)

Choosing the right dress for any occasion is a must. Black is a simple colour that goes with anything.

P.s. From experience I have learned that even if you are pale you can wear black. So yes grandma I’m going for it haha.

Buying tips

  • Get a dress with shape.  Check for stitching around the belly button region, it will make your waist look smaller and your legs longer.
  • Don’t do sparkles. And I know they look amazing but remember, you don’t want to be a grandma in a sparkling dress. If you spend the money make it last.

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Have an amazing day


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Personal style: How to develop your personal style

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 15.22.05

Creating a personal style is a fun way of self expression. I am going to share some tips on how I created my own unique style, and maybe help you create yours.

1 Be confident

Confidence and style go hand in hand. For me it was a very interesting prices, because dressing the part made me feel the part. After taking more time to dress up, the  more I came out of my shell. 

2 Commit to a style

Before you start experimenting you have to master a style. There are a lot of youtube videos out there on how to do it. I recommend watching LaurenMessiah. Because she shows the different styles you can have and were to shop. And trust me knowing those basics is very importent. When I chose the preppy style I looked up the essentials for my style and looked for inspiration on the web. 

3 Go basic

Buying the basics will make it very easy to get dressed in the morning and make it effortless. Remember the first couple of mouths you should try to keep your style very basic. And don’t go all out on trendy clothes.

4 Invest in the classics

Buying well tailored classic items is importent. Spending the extra cash is worth it. You will keep going back to these items so don’t go cheep you will end up spending more money.

5 Your own style

After you have mastered the basics you can start mixing different styles and have fun with it. You can express yourself, but remember your style reflects your personality. This just means that if you want to be taken seriously, dress the part. 

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Have an amazing day!



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