My cancer scare

Frist and for most I want to say I’m fine and I thank God for that. I have been very inconsistent on my blog lately and there are a lot of things I need to share. This is one of them.

Thinking you might have cancer is one of the hardest things to go thru mentally I suppose. I am 19 years old and I was having severe headaches. The kind that make daily tasks almost impossible.


After going to many doctors and hospitals, I got medication. The medication did help the symptoms. Because the headaches where located on the back of my head doctors thought it could be a tumor.

When you hear the word tumor a lot of things go thru your head. The first thing I thought  of was loosing my hair. After they told me I just let it sink in and started doing my own research.

Cancer is a group of infected cells with the potential to multiply, not all tumors could multiply. When I read that I stated thinking of multiplication in my brain and how much of my mental end physical function I actually could loose if I had a tumor.

I guess you can say I took a very rational approach to it, when things get hard that’s how I tend to get. So I read more about the brain and it’s functions, realising I have a significant intrest in the human body. With surprised me because up to this point I thought I didn’t really like biology.

Last Week

Last week I went to the hospital for a CAT scan. Yes, it really is as big and as scary as in the movies. After they did the scan they told me I didn’t have a tumor and I am fine and I am so thankful.


I am at home on medication for my headaches because of the side effects.

I decided to share this because I want to be open and honest with you.

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Everything about my instagram from modelling tips to editing secrets



Instagram, the best social media network on the planet. Almost 3k followers and 1 year on, let’s just say I am not doing to bad. Because I am a model I can share all the crazy exiting posing secrets 😉

The feed

I’ve had all types of feeds: grey, blue, saturated, dark, bright, pink… But what works best? The pictures that don’t look too edited. It might surprise you but I only use afterlight and facetone to edit. No crazy filters because that just doesn’t work anymore!

The apps

As I mentioned I use afterlight and facetune.  Both are paid apps and to be honest I didn’t want to pay for them in the beginning. But I can tell you if you are serious about your Instagram you should be buying these apps!


I use afterlight to brighten my pictures and change the contrast. It’s a very easy app to use but you should use it right. Don’t go overbord, check what looks natural.


I’m sure you’ve heard of it. People have been talking a lot about facetune, how it can change your face, body shape and so on. But that’s not really what I use it for, I just use it for it’s whitening tool and smoothening. That’s kind of it.


The camera

No one likes blurry, granny photos.. That’s why you need to use a good camera. It doesn’t have to be the most fancy and expensive thing out there. It can just be your phone or a camera that can shoot manual, or at least change the brightness.

I use my sonny a5000 with different lenses. Mostly I just use the pancake lens. But I do change to a zoom lens when I’m taking outfit shots for the blurry background.

I also use my iPhone 7 plus camera, with is pretty amazing on it’s own to be honest. You could totally build a following with just your phone camera! I just needed something with a bit more settings. Aka I became a bit of a camera snob

The grid

I use the grid app. It’s free and let’s you plan your feed. This is  so importent! When people see your page they should see a constant flow. Everything should look cohesive.

The pictures

There are a lot of different types of pictures you can take. Let me go true all of them and tell you everything I know.


The outfit of the day is a blogger must. It’s showcasing everything you are wearing from top to bottom. These pictures can be taken anywhere and everywhere. Just remember to keep your head up and stand tall. Stay close to the camera, people like to see the subject.

Also practice makes perfect. I know you don’t want to hear me say it but outfit pictures become better when you learn how to pose for them. Honestly it’s just finding what makes you comfortable and keeping it consistent. If you feel better smiling do it, if it’s not your thing then don’t. But keep it consistent!

Now a modelling tip you guys might like. Always put one fut a little bit to the front and lean on your back leg. It will make look taller and thinner


I wrote a blogpost about it hire but I can tell you just that little bit more. Flatlays don’t have to be taken on a flat table.  You should be playing with detention. I like putting stuff on the bad, on the floor and all around me. It creates movement. But again this is something you need to practice. It doesn’t just happen on it’s own.


There is a right and wrong here. Anyone that tells you there isn’t is laying! Make your buildings go with your outfit. Let me explain. Let’s say I’m wearing a red top, I will post a building ar scenery with something red in it, just to make the outfit pop.

If you are into the minimal backgrounds, a white wall can always be great. Even just a simple sentry with not to much going on can give you that minimal ecstatic.


Talk to people! I know this might sound really stupid but engage with people. I always go into my hashtags and comment on the popular pictures If I see someone with a fun profile photo commenting on my picture,  I will check out their page! Just out of curiosity and sometimes I can end up following them.

Geo Tag

Always Geo Tag, Don’t go all crapy and geo tag your house but geo tagging places you’ve been is key. Restaurants, starbucks, uni, the mall… all perfect places to geo tag. And don’t be stupid and geo tag when you are at the location! Safety first.


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social anxiety: being afraid of being misunderstoud

social anxiety

It’s 1 am and let’s just state the obvious. I am a total crazy person for coming on my blog at this time of day. And yes, I have to wake up at 7am. I know I am out of my mind.

But I’ve had a really bad day and I just felt like talking about it. Today I had a conversation with my teacher as you do. He just stated the obvious, I am not really social. I mean shocker I am typing on my computer instead of calling a friends…  But that’s besides the point.

past experiences

I just realised I am so anti social that I really close myself off. It’s scary to see that I have become a person that who isn’t part of the world around me. Not being involved with any school activities.  I am a senior and because of my past school experiences and it seems like I just can’t let it go.

Staying away to avoid rejection or conflict just seems like the best option.  When I talk to people outside my academic environment specifically I feel like I am not being judged on my intellectual intelligence.

I feel more comfortable using vocabulary I normally would and don’t really care and don’t feel any social anxiety.  Daily I notice myself thinking twice about every single word I use trying my hardest to fit into the box that is the micro society of my classroom and failing miserably.

in my school

By nature I am an outspoken person but I started to stutter specific in my class and I built this from of anxiety towards everyone. And no one is to blame for this the people in my year are really nice I feel like I have just become this way towards them and I really don’t know why. It truly scars me.

I know this will pass and it’s just something I am going true at the moment but I started to question a lot lately. And the deeper I get into this the more I am trying to find myself as a person I suppose.

Tell me if any of you guys are experiencing social anxiety and give me some tips!


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How to enjoy being single after being in a relationship

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Single, a word that people have dreaded since the begging of human history.Trying to find a partner to accompany them in breathing season... Haha just kidding, I watch discovery channel a lot.

But let's be real being single sucks. Every women on the planet wants a freaking boyfriend to hug at night and have company.

 Okay not that long I'm not a nun but you get the point.

I feel like being single is something fun in its own way. That single life has something to it. Now I can say, I don't have the need to look for a boyfriend anymore. If it happens it happens, obsession is over.

Love your own company

Thanks to my philosophy teacher I have learned one thing. To be happy with myself. Finding joy in your own company. I'm not talking about being a creepy person that talks to themselves but being happy with yourself. You should be loving your own company and just loving yourself as a human.

Find a hobby

And I am not talking about trashing your exes car. I mean if you want 10 ways how to get revenge on your ex I can write that. And trust me there are smarter ways to talk about it, and I see you sitting hire thinking, what do you think of stalking his girlfriend? No, I'm talking about a real hobby something you like that brings you joy. That's what a hobby is to me, it should make me happy. I should be finding fulfilment by doing it.

Go out

Do things with your friends. Don't be that creepy person that doesn't ever go out and sits in their room with the curtains closed. Just remember to live your life. No other person can ever define you. They are not deciding what you should and shouldn't be doing. Have fun! That's the best advice I've ever gotten.

I was having the worst day ever and I remember Nathan (AKA the best friend on planet earth) telling me not to care. He told me that it's my life and I shouldn't give a fuck about what's going on with him.


ME time

The best thing you can do is care for yourself. You are back on the market. Go for it, look the best you have ever looked. Wear whatever you want, go and get a manicure. Have some ME TIME

I hope you liked this post and share what you think


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New Years Eve with the people I love

Girl looking outside with twinkling lights surrounding her

New Years Eve, new you. that’s what we all are hoping for.

Hi guys, I’m sitting by the dinner table with my family. My phone by my side calling all the people I care about. And of course writing a little thank you to all of you. This year I’m turning 20 and I’m deciding to close a chapter.

New Years Eve with my family

I am not spending my New Years Eve with friends. Because honestly I haven’t been surrounding myself with good people. I tell y’all this a lot, surround yourself with the people that support you. This year I’ve had to learn the hard way.

With more and more people getting to know who I am and fame lurking on my doorstep. I had to learn that not everyone has good intentions. Some people only want to be your friends because you have something they don’t.

It’s funny to see the people that hated me as a kid asking for a friend request on Facebook. A scenario we are all dealing with thanks to social media. But you know what I’m not going to let them take advantage of me and what I work for.

That’s why I’m not spending my new year with friends. But with my family and the people I care most dearly for. These people support me and what I do. That’s why I am surrounded by them. And of course with all of your,

Special thank you

And I also want to say thank you to all of you guys for being my friends this year. You can not imagine how much I love you all. You guys are my friends and I feel so blessed to have you all in my life.


See you next year, Aka I’ll see tomorrow with a blogpost 🙂

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How to stick to your new years resolutions

Girl walking down staircase in a blag lace dress

New years resolutions

Here I am laying on my bad struggling to get all my thoughts together. Wondering what in the hell I will be doing this new year. I’ve got a lot of ideas and thoughts. Like every year and everyone els. A new year is a new start and good intentions flow but it doesn’t mean I’ll stick to it.

But to be fear I’ve done really good this year. Getting myself a gym membership and actually going. I can’t complain. I started my blog and modelling career this year. And honestly I kept all the resolutions I normally wouldn’t. Even if I slug of a little sometimes I can say I’ve not done to bad for myself.

Looking at it now I can see exactly where I’ve changed.

Girl smiling sitting on white table with a view of brussels Listen to your gut

As a rationalist I let my mind speak before my hart can lead the way. But sometimes you should go with your gut feeling. I would never have had this blog if I listened to my head. Just jumping in the deep end and let your mind catch up along the way. Believe me it works.


Don’t be afraid to go another direction then your initial thought. There’s nothing wrong with that. I am changing my constantly because I feel like it’s not perfect jet. And on the end of the day that’s fine. Don’t be afraid to change what you used to think and make it something new. If it’s not working why don’t you change the angle and make it amazing!

Believing I can

There is no switch to believe in yourself. It’s a process and it takes so much time. I am still learning this daily. I trust my own instincts more and more. And it’s just because every time I feel like I can’t do something I write about it. I tell you the truth. Letting out bad thoughts and feelings is so important if you want to succeed.

And if you want to know how I got my motivation back theres more on that hire. I read other fun post about new years resolutions on



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5 signs he is’t mr right

Finding the one is every girls dream. Including me!  Even  if he is the 4th Hamsworrth brother, the most charming man on the plant. It doesn't make him relationship material
I know what you are thinking. Why can't I just find the right person and get over it? That's not how it works and OMG I wish it did.  But first let's identify what's wrong. Then we can see who is right. 
I have my fare share of bad relationships experience. From my first boyfriend, who turned out to gay.
To my last boyfriend who turned out to just want nudes. With he NEVER got! I get approached by guys every day. Not for being attractive. But I'm in the modelling industry. Guys that's a wrong dude magnet on it's one.
Not going anywhere with you
This is red flag number one. If I see this I should be running the opposite direction.
If he is hiding me there's something going on. Now I run, taken the fire escape if I need to. But don't go all creepy on him.
If I only have been dating for a week, I won't expect him to introduce me to his best friends and his parents. But if it's just not happening, leave!
Asking for sex
Lets be real. If he keeps bugging me for sex he isn't the one. Just because he has a six pack I won't be sleeping with him.  Come on hun keep yourself in check. It can happen. I think the 3 date rules not that bad.  But he shouldn't be asking it on the first date.
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Talking about his ex
I know this may be obvious to most of you. But  he shouldn't be talking about his ex. Maybe he is really sweet. But you can't open your hart to someone who isn't ready.


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
I hope you like this little rant type of situation going on. If it's your thing subscribe to my mailing list or bloglovin' . And we always could be my best on the socials. 🙂
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How I get a little bit more confidence

I'm a pretty confident person but sometimes I need a little boost just to get me through the day. I don't have perfect skin and I don't always look amazing (I'm not Beyoncé haha). There are days I want to feel just a little better. And even though we are all beautiful just the way we are sometimes we want just that tough of magic.
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Getting that little boost can come from a lot of places, it can be wearing a nice dress or having a cup of coffee in the morning. There are always little things that can make us feel a little better. For me it's wearing a full face of makeup. I feel very put together when I can look flawless and perfect. It's that little time you take just for yourself to best version of yourself.
Enhancing beauty
A lot of women with albinsm think their are hiding their true features when wearing makeup. But I feel like it's just enhancing what you've got and I definitely do this. But finding the right foundation to fit my skin town is a task on it's own. I've been to places looking orange a lot. Trust me my mum must have the picots.. But thanks to Clinique I found a foundation that fits my skin town and has SPF 15. The Superbalanced Silk Make Up SPF15 foundation gives my face a glorious effect. Not only is it a matt foundation it also  nourishes the dry spots on my fragile skin. I think this is one of those rare occasions where you are ever going to hear me rave about a foundation.
All day perfection
If I put the time and effort into it I want to look good all day. And I defiantly get this feeling with this foundation. I can wear it all day without feeling self conscious at all. With the perfect outfit and my coffee in my hand. I'm ready to rock the world.
Even though I like taking my time to look nice once in a while. I don't want to take hours. Chasing your outfit the night before and having your space clean (new years resolution!) I feel like with this foundation I need 10 minutes to look my best.
I'm applying it with the Clinique foundation brush just in simple stroking motions. Luckily it doesn't need that much blending because no one has time for that. I also apply it under my eyes because it has this odd way of making me look less tired with is always welcome.
I need 2 to 3 coin size amounts of the foundation just for full converge. I do apply it down to my neck because I always have veins showing because of my pail skin.


My secret
Now you know my secret to having a little more confidence. If you are wearing a sexy outfit, trying this foundation or just feeling good about yourself, tag me in your pics and you know I'm always on instagram so I will be commentting <3

Review made in collaboration with Clinique

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Four things to do in Antwerp



The fashion, the food, the museums... Everything you want is in Antwerp. This is my city so yes I'm a little biased. But darling this is where it's going on!

Café Impérial 

If you are in Antwerp you should definitely hop into café Imperial. It's got the best location with high street shops just outside your door and the luxury stores around the corner. What I love the most about this place is that it used to be a castle. It's  truly beautiful in there and it makes me feel like a princess. Plus the food is affordable and tastes soooooo good.


If you are in doubt about Antwerp being the fashion place to be just go to the fashion museum paying resects to the biggest fashion designers from Belgium and also it's got very stunning art.




Every store on this square is amazing. From stores like Chanel and Louis Vuitton to great Belgian disigner stores like essential Antwerp. Walk around the streets and you will be amazed with what's there to see.

Pierre Marcolini

If you want to talk about Belgium you've got to talk chocolate and I know where to get the best chocolate in town! Pretty store nice macaroons and well chocolate haven. Spend some time tasting the wonderful chocolate for yourself. BTW in that same street you will find some very interesting stores 😉



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Letting go of your goals

In all honest I am very bad at letting go of my goals. I always have been and will be bad at it. But I'm learning to let go, the past weeks I realised that the results you get can be good enough. You don't need to define your goals in numbers or quantities , but in the quality.
Lately I've had a hard time with this. I always expect more of myself. Not because my expectations are too high but because I know I can get there. Sometimes life just gets in the way and we should accept that. It's not always possible to reach your goal immediately. But I don't think there's an expiry date when it comes to perfection.
 Not me


What if someone els got that result? I bet you would say its good, so way are you mad at yourself? This is also a perfectionism thing but its also just accepting that getting a curtain result isn't that all that bad. Don't give yourself a hard time, sometimes good is good and that's all to it.


Put it into context
Be aware of your own needs and feelings don't just put hem away in a box. You can be honest with yourself if you where going through a hard time and you feel like you weren't performing optimal. Just put it into context. Be honest with yourself and tell yourself you didn't do it perfect because of personal issue


To me failure is not trying. If you are trying and working to get somewhere it's simply not failing. I feel like every time I did't reach a goal, I learned form it. And that seems more importent to me than reaching it. Bettering yourself is the most importent skill you can ever have. Remember that.


Pants ZARA
Boots ZARA
If this post was helpful please share and tell me how you feel.
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Blogs to follow

I’ve been reading so many blogs lately. Yes I just downloaded the bloglovin’ app on my phone.There are so many amazing blogs to follow. I’m going to share the ones I read on a daily bases

Lydia Elise Millen

I rave about this girl constantly. I feel like she could be my best friend or like a big sister. I just love how she tells you what your friends are afraid to say. Honesty she truly inspires me.


You have seen me talk about lilylikes before. If you feel like you are doing to much. I would advice you to watch one of her law school volgs. They just make you want to get up and stop being lazy. Her blog has this magazine feel to it witch I love

Annabel Pessant

Of cours I’m going to add my fave Antwerp girl. She is not only stylish but reading her blog is like having a conversation with her. It’s the pretty friend your secretly a little jealous of  🙂 I would so want to live in her closet.

In the frow

Okay there is no way I wouldn’t add this blog. Victoria knows what she’s talking about with a PHD in fashion she’s THE EXPERT. Her style is very unique but still I would wear it every day. I love going to her blog to learn about everything that’s going on in the fashion and beauty world.


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