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Instagram, the best social media network on the planet. Almost 3k followers and 1 year on, let’s just say I am not doing to bad. Because I am a model I can share all the crazy exiting posing secrets ūüėČ

The feed

I’ve had all types of feeds: grey, blue, saturated, dark, bright, pink… But what works best? The pictures that don’t look too edited.¬†It might surprise you but I only use afterlight and facetone¬†to edit. No crazy filters because that just doesn’t work anymore!

The apps

As I mentioned I use afterlight and facetune. ¬†Both are paid apps and to be honest I didn’t want to pay for them in the beginning. But I can tell you if you are serious about your Instagram you should be buying these apps!


I use afterlight to brighten my pictures and change the contrast. It’s a very easy app to use but you should use it right. Don’t go overbord, check what looks natural.


I’m sure¬†you’ve heard of it. People have been talking a lot about facetune, how it can change your face, body shape and so on. But that’s not really what I use it for, I just use it for it’s whitening tool and smoothening. That’s kind of it.


The camera

No one likes blurry, granny photos.. That’s why you need to use a good camera. It doesn’t have to be the most fancy and expensive thing out there. It can just be your phone or a camera that¬†can shoot manual, or at least change the brightness.

I use my sonny a5000 with different lenses. Mostly I just use the pancake lens. But I do change to a zoom lens when¬†I’m taking outfit shots for the blurry background.

I also use my iPhone 7 plus camera, with is pretty amazing on it’s own to be honest. You could totally build a following with just your phone camera! I just needed something with a bit more settings. Aka I became a bit of a camera snob

The grid

I use the grid app. It’s free and let’s you plan your feed. This is ¬†so importent! When people see your page they should see a constant flow. Everything should look cohesive.

The pictures

There are a lot of different types of pictures you can take. Let me go true all of them and tell you everything I know.


The outfit of the day is a blogger must. It’s showcasing everything you are wearing from top to bottom. These pictures can be taken anywhere and everywhere. Just remember to keep your head up and stand tall. Stay close to the camera, people like to see the subject.

Also practice makes perfect. I know you don’t want to hear me say it but outfit pictures become better when¬†you learn how to pose for them. Honestly it’s just finding what makes you comfortable and keeping it consistent. If you feel better smiling do it, if it’s not your thing then don’t. But keep it consistent!

Now a modelling tip you guys might like. Always put one fut a little bit to the front and lean on your back leg. It will make look taller and thinner


I wrote a blogpost about it hire but I can tell you just that little bit more. Flatlays don’t have to be taken on a flat table. ¬†You should be playing with detention. I like putting stuff on the bad, on the floor and all around me. It creates movement. But again this is something you need to practice. It doesn’t just happen on it’s own.


There is a right and wrong here. Anyone that tells you there isn’t is laying! Make your buildings go with your outfit. Let me explain. Let’s say I’m wearing a red top, I will post a building ar scenery with something red in it, just to make the outfit pop.

If you are into the minimal backgrounds, a white wall can always be great. Even just a simple sentry with not to much going on can give you that minimal ecstatic.


Talk to people! I know this might sound really stupid but engage with people. I always go into my hashtags and comment on the popular pictures If I see someone with a fun profile photo commenting on my picture,  I will check out their page! Just out of curiosity and sometimes I can end up following them.

Geo Tag

Always Geo Tag, Don’t go all crapy and geo tag your house but geo tagging places you’ve been is key. Restaurants, starbucks, uni, the mall… all perfect places to geo tag. And don’t be stupid and geo tag when you are at the location! Safety first.




  1. lisawinckelmans
    March 21, 2017 / 4:28 am

    Thank you so much darling. And remember Instagram should always be fun first!
    XOXO Lisa

  2. March 21, 2017 / 3:42 am

    These are really good tips! Thanks for sharing ūüôā … My blog is about a few months old and I have only just started an Instagram page for it. I guess it takes time to build up an audience on it … Great pics btw!

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