First week of univercity survival guide


My first week of university was very hack tick and to be honest very scary. Not only moving out of my parents house, but also just the prospect of meeting new people was terrifying.  But I made it out alive and honestly it would have been a lot less stressful if I knew then what I know today.

don’t get intimidated

Everyone seems to have their life together when you start uni. I felt like I was the odd one out that just wasn't that smart as everyone els. This is advice I got that fist week and it really helped me. All the people who are sitting their have the same credentials as you. And honestly we are all starting something new and everyone is terrified and people just want to act like they have it all figured out.



keep a budget

That first week money can become a scary thing. Especially when you don't know where you can go and eat or what you should be spending money on. Before I started in uni I calculated how much my parents would give me and how much money I needed for every aspect of my life. This includes spontanious activities, even those need to be calculated, not only food and rent.

be goal oriented

I'm a very goal oriented person. This has really helped me the first week of uni. I always try to keep a bigger picture in minde. This can be by having a vision board or just by mapping out what I want from life. Knowing why you are their is the best motivation. I know why I am studying law so I put in 100%.

appearance isn’t everything

Especially in law school people come dressed up and looking flawless the first week of school. Don't put too much time into it, at the end of the day your goal is to pass your classes.

start studying

I don't know for other faculties but my faculty had a orientation week, that turned out to be one day.  This doesn't mean you should not study at all. Sometimes professors teach a little bit in the first lectures. Take this as an opportunity to explore how you should study that subject.

go to all lectures

So much people don't go to the first week of lecture just because it's orientation week. Professors explicitly tell you how you should be studying.  They also tell you how you will be evalutated. Sometimes they even tell you what the exam questions will be.

This is what I've learned my first week of college. I will be sharing more tips and experiences very soon.




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