Four things to do in Antwerp



The fashion, the food, the museums... Everything you want is in Antwerp. This is my city so yes I'm a little biased. But darling this is where it's going on!

Café Impérial 

If you are in Antwerp you should definitely hop into café Imperial. It's got the best location with high street shops just outside your door and the luxury stores around the corner. What I love the most about this place is that it used to be a castle. It's  truly beautiful in there and it makes me feel like a princess. Plus the food is affordable and tastes soooooo good.


If you are in doubt about Antwerp being the fashion place to be just go to the fashion museum paying resects to the biggest fashion designers from Belgium and also it's got very stunning art.




Every store on this square is amazing. From stores like Chanel and Louis Vuitton to great Belgian disigner stores like essential Antwerp. Walk around the streets and you will be amazed with what's there to see.

Pierre Marcolini

If you want to talk about Belgium you've got to talk chocolate and I know where to get the best chocolate in town! Pretty store nice macaroons and well chocolate haven. Spend some time tasting the wonderful chocolate for yourself. BTW in that same street you will find some very interesting stores 😉




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