How I get a little bit more confidence

I'm a pretty confident person but sometimes I need a little boost just to get me through the day. I don't have perfect skin and I don't always look amazing (I'm not Beyoncé haha). There are days I want to feel just a little better. And even though we are all beautiful just the way we are sometimes we want just that tough of magic.
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Getting that little boost can come from a lot of places, it can be wearing a nice dress or having a cup of coffee in the morning. There are always little things that can make us feel a little better. For me it's wearing a full face of makeup. I feel very put together when I can look flawless and perfect. It's that little time you take just for yourself to best version of yourself.
Enhancing beauty
A lot of women with albinsm think their are hiding their true features when wearing makeup. But I feel like it's just enhancing what you've got and I definitely do this. But finding the right foundation to fit my skin town is a task on it's own. I've been to places looking orange a lot. Trust me my mum must have the picots.. But thanks to Clinique I found a foundation that fits my skin town and has SPF 15. The Superbalanced Silk Make Up SPF15 foundation gives my face a glorious effect. Not only is it a matt foundation it also  nourishes the dry spots on my fragile skin. I think this is one of those rare occasions where you are ever going to hear me rave about a foundation.
All day perfection
If I put the time and effort into it I want to look good all day. And I defiantly get this feeling with this foundation. I can wear it all day without feeling self conscious at all. With the perfect outfit and my coffee in my hand. I'm ready to rock the world.
Even though I like taking my time to look nice once in a while. I don't want to take hours. Chasing your outfit the night before and having your space clean (new years resolution!) I feel like with this foundation I need 10 minutes to look my best.
I'm applying it with the Clinique foundation brush just in simple stroking motions. Luckily it doesn't need that much blending because no one has time for that. I also apply it under my eyes because it has this odd way of making me look less tired with is always welcome.
I need 2 to 3 coin size amounts of the foundation just for full converge. I do apply it down to my neck because I always have veins showing because of my pail skin.


My secret
Now you know my secret to having a little more confidence. If you are wearing a sexy outfit, trying this foundation or just feeling good about yourself, tag me in your pics and you know I'm always on instagram so I will be commentting <3

Review made in collaboration with Clinique


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