How I make my old bedroom feel like home

Home I have changed

Getting older and going to university has changed me a lot. When I come back in weekends to see my parents it feels like I am coming for a visit instead of coming home.

Even tough my old stuff is there and things that used to reflect my personality, I have changed. I have subconsciously become aware that I will never really live with my parents again. It’s scary to realize that I am really alone for the first time.

Getting art

Because I still want it to reflect me as a person today as well as in the past I got a painting from photowall

Originally I wanted to put it in my dorm room but it just didn’t feel right because it already reflects me and my life at the moment. So I decided to leave it in my old room. Every time I go home I still have this new part of me that reflects my life at this very moment. I chose a gold map because one of my goals is to travel and see the world after I graduate. After ordering the painting we had to frame it. It was a pretty simple process and doesn’t really need someone who is very handy (but advised). It took about 20 minutes to actually get it all done with to me was amazing.

The fun thing about buying art is that I can take it with me wherever I go. The moment I graduate and fully move out this painting will reflect my life at university.

Leaving but not gone jet

I am happy to say that I haven’t experienced any homesickness at all. But this slow feeling of disconnect to my old life is starting to get to me. I’m in this transitional stage where I haven’t left but I feel like I am already gone.

What do you do o make your old home still feel like you?



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  1. December 14, 2017 / 10:00 am

    Jan is at this same stage, gone but not quite yet. It’s a transition for parents too, not sure how to feel about it

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