How I stay in shape 

So I like to think I’m kind of in shape. I’m a Europe size 36 and I’m very pleased with that. I don’t go to the gym. Honestly I admire people who go to the gym but it’s just not me.  So how I do it?

Eat when your hungry 

Yea you’ve heard it a million times before . But what I did was a literally starved myself for a couple of days so I learned what being hungry was. Now I only eat when my stomach literally growls.

Do stuff 

We eat when we’re bord so stay bizzy. Do everything on your to do list and trust me you won’t think of that mars bar.

10 000 steps

This is very new to me but I track my steps. Getting 10 000 steps a day is easy. I use the pacer app on my phone. This app shows you the times of the day you are  most active and how many calories you burn. It’s just small changes that come a long way.

Eat what you love 

Being healthy is great, but sometimes we want those cookies or chips. Just have a smaller meal later on and you’ll be fine. Just don’t do this everyday.