How to stand up for yourself and be assertive

How to stand up for yourself and be assertive

Being assertive

One of the most importent skills you’ll ever learn is being assertive  And it’s a skill I had to learn very young. I used to have kids bully me all the time like most. And yes that’s normal. But one thing I can tell you now, jus because you are an adult now doesn’t mean it will stop. Now you will have to stand up for yourself agains adults. And trust me you can’t be going around pushing everyone anymore like in kinder garden! So you will have to be assertive and I am here to tell you how.

Something happend this passed weekend and if you follow me on snapchat or instagram you already know the story. Basically someone has just been making comments on me and I realised that I never really told you guys how I deal with this now.

Is it worth your time?

If I would stand up for myself every time someone made a comment I don’t think I would ever do anything els in my life. Sometimes you just need thick skin and let it slide. Not everyone is worth your time.  Honestly the people that shout out comment at you on the street are not the smartest people and aren’t the ones to fight with.

Those are the people you write blogposts about and just say thank you too because they basically gave you a great idea. And if you are Taylor Swift you can smile it off with a grammy.

Don’t be violent

This is hard for me to be honest. As a child I always had to fight back because kids used to try to beat me up. Let’s just say I will never be Gandhi. I used to be a pretty violent person even if I am very good with words. I can discuss and explain myself very well but when I was younger people never understood me. So I stopped trying. Now when I feel like resulting into violence or getting mad I talk to people or I remove myself from the situation. Be the bigger person, don’t be an idiot and get yourself into fights just because someone is provoking you!

Talk to the person

This is where being assertive comes into play. I try to talk to people when they are making comments about me. But you have to do it the right way. And it’s not easy to distinguish the different types of people out there.

Some people don’t even think they are offending you and just talking to them can solve the problem. The people that keep making comments sometimes just need a nice person. I am always nice to the people that make comments to me and it trows them off gard. They don’t really understand why I am being nice. Doing things like opening the door for them or waving to them after they made a comment makes them wonder.





  1. lisawinckelmans
    February 19, 2017 / 11:17 am

    Thank you, and you will do amazing XOXO lisa

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