I slept in Michel Jacksons bed

I slept in Michel Jacksons bed


picture from http://www.meikles.com/rooms/3/presidential-suite

You are reading this right. Your girl slept in the bad of The king of pop. Yep that’s write and let me explain.

God bless England

So my mum and I went on vacation to Zimbabwe. And as always we had to pass true England. And our flight was cancelled. BTW I was like 6, this is very importent for the story. We went to an airline (don’t want to get sued) and being the annoying child I was I started complaining to my mom.  And the customs heard me… They where not too pleased until they saw me. Let’s just say I was a very cute kid. Non of those good looks left today but ya. They felt really bad for us so they gave us money. What those my little ass do, I perswaded  my mum to go and buy me a fucking tinker bell dress for £50. That was a LOT of money back in the day.


So we slept in the airport. And I complained that it wasn’t comfortable and so on… Then we finally got in Zimbabwe, had our holiday. And guess what happens??? Our flight gets delayed again. As usual I cry and act as if my life depended on it. The lovely people at the airline (you probably know the airline if you know England I mean..)  let us stay in a 5 star hotel named Meikles.


I told you guys I was the princess of drama well here you go… Me and my mum went to the beautiful hotel. The guy on the front desk called me princess and I started pretending I was. I said I was the princess of Belgium :D! And we got the PRESIDENTIAL SUIT. Where Michel Jackson actually slept. BTW I did steal all the snipers and everything out of the mini bar thank you airline I shall not name.


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