iPhone 7 update

iPhone 7 update

As the iPhone release is getting a lot closer we know a lot more about the next iPhone.


There are going to be 2 new iPhones. Most likely it will be an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. We won’t be seeing a 3de model. The iPhone 7 pro is not happening.


We know exactly what the iPhone will look like. The antenna bands will move down. In my opinion this is a very welcome change. The camera will still be protruding out of the phone. Witch isn’t en issue once you put a case on the phone.

For the colour, all you guys that got a rose gold iPhone. You are in luck you can keep buying the iPhone. By the way this colour is more pink than rose gold.


We will be seeing a new and faster processor witch isn’t a surprise because Apple does need some stats for there graph in the keynote. Just saying.

We might be seeing wireless charging on the next iPhones. On the leaked phone shell I have seen there are some smart connectors witch can indicate to wireless charging.

The camera is my favorite part about the iPhone.  The camera will see an upgrade. The only thing that will change however is the camera in low light. The rest won’t change dramatically on the iPhone 7 but the 7 plus will receive a revamp.

De headphone jack will be removed witch isn’t a secret anymore but the good news is that this will leave room for a bigger battery.




  1. September 7, 2016 / 1:43 am

    I’m pretty excited to see all the new products that are coming out or being upgraded…ill definitely be tuning in tomorrow

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