Is he cheating?

Is he cheating?

I think we’ve all been there and we’ve all felt horrible for thinking our boyfriend is cheating. This is what I look for if I get suspicious

Walking away when texting 

This is kind of a give away. You know there’s something wrong if he isn’t sitting next to you.

Calling you off 

If he doesn’t show up or makes exists somthibg is up. Girls if he says his working late don’t go all creepy on him.

Hiding you 

If you are dating for more then a month believe me you should know all his friends. Again don’t be too pushy.

Just ask 

Sometimes asking is the bast way to find out what’s going on. Relationships are based on trust and if you don’t trust him, brake up. At the end of the day you will always find out if he is cheating.

Just remember to check if he is acting weird. And if you feel like he is, ask. He should be able to deal with that!