Maybellien fit me foundation actually fits me

There’s a magic to wearing makeup. I love getting my brushes out and making myself feel pretty. It’s a thing women around the world enjoy daily and I understand why.

The little moment to myself in the morning that let me reflect and get ready for my day. I am by no means a makeup expert or do I know anything about it at all. I can tell you I will buy what makes me look and feel pretty and stick to it.

Yes, this means I am a creature of habit but sometimes I try something new and that’s when I tell you about it.

Me and foundations have an interesting history from looking orange to ashy grey they never seem to do what they do to the amazing looking celebrities on the commercial.

Finding something that fits me is a fight with the hundreds fo shelves of foundations staring back at me.

But last week I decided to just go for it and go looking for a foundation again. Whit my hart sinking to my chest in the drugstore I actually found a foundation for pail skin.

Thank you maybelline for making something that’s cheap and works. It does take some time to blend in but when it does it’s really a very nice effect on my face. Of course I have the littlest shade but I’m really not mad about it.

It does what it needs to and makes me look flawless.


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