Morning productivity 

Morning productivity 

Waking up early is my thing now. It’s the perfect way to get everything going #amazing.

I try to wake up around 5:30am. I stop working at 5pm. This leaves me a lot of spare time at night. In the morning I start working at 6 and stop around 7:30. In this short period of time a can get lots of work done!

But how the hell do I do it?

Here are some tips to wake up that early bird in you

  1. Have breakfast

I am very quick to skip breakfast. But I’ve learned that it’s one of the best things to start your day.  It doesn’t need to be fancy.

  1. Fun alarm

Even if it’s Drake, Ed sheeran, Beyoncé… Chose a song you love that will make you enthusiastic to start your day. My alarm is flawless by Beyoncé just to feed the ego 😉

I have selected a handful of songs I would wake up for on Spotify.

  1. Set a goal

If you have been following me for some time you know I love my lists. And making a list the night before us time well spent.


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