My cancer scare

Frist and for most I want to say I’m fine and I thank God for that. I have been very inconsistent on my blog lately and there are a lot of things I need to share. This is one of them.

Thinking you might have cancer is one of the hardest things to go thru mentally I suppose. I am 19 years old and I was having severe headaches. The kind that make daily tasks almost impossible.


After going to many doctors and hospitals, I got medication. The medication did help the symptoms. Because the headaches where located on the back of my head doctors thought it could be a tumor.

When you hear the word tumor a lot of things go thru your head. The first thing I thought  of was loosing my hair. After they told me I just let it sink in and started doing my own research.

Cancer is a group of infected cells with the potential to multiply, not all tumors could multiply. When I read that I stated thinking of multiplication in my brain and how much of my mental end physical function I actually could loose if I had a tumor.

I guess you can say I took a very rational approach to it, when things get hard that’s how I tend to get. So I read more about the brain and it’s functions, realising I have a significant intrest in the human body. With surprised me because up to this point I thought I didn’t really like biology.

Last Week

Last week I went to the hospital for a CAT scan. Yes, it really is as big and as scary as in the movies. After they did the scan they told me I didn’t have a tumor and I am fine and I am so thankful.


I am at home on medication for my headaches because of the side effects.

I decided to share this because I want to be open and honest with you.

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