My favourite tv shows 

 It’s like 2012 in my living room I just got Netflix. And I think I’m in love. This is my short list of shows I don’t ever miss an episode of. 

The Big Bang theory 

I’m a nerd at heart. I went to watch Star Wars twice and watching the Big Bang theory makes me feel so much better. It’s funny, it’s amazing it’s got nerds and makes me feel like I can get a really hot guy. (Thanks Leonard)

Pretty little liars 

This is not just a show it’s another word. You have know idea how amazing I think this show is. There are hot guys and mistery and it’s scary enough to make others people watch it with you. 

Gossip girl

This is every fashion lovers best bet. I wish I could live in the closet of blare. I can not explain how much this show has done for my style.


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