I slept in Michel Jacksons bed


picture from http://www.meikles.com/rooms/3/presidential-suite

You are reading this right. Your girl slept in the bad of The king of pop. Yep that’s write and let me explain.

God bless England

So my mum and I went on vacation to Zimbabwe. And as always we had to pass true England. And our flight was cancelled. BTW I was like 6, this is very importent for the story. We went to an airline (don’t want to get sued) and being the annoying child I was I started complaining to my mom.  And the customs heard me… They where not too pleased until they saw me. Let’s just say I was a very cute kid. Non of those good looks left today but ya. They felt really bad for us so they gave us money. What those my little ass do, I perswaded  my mum to go and buy me a fucking tinker bell dress for £50. That was a LOT of money back in the day.


So we slept in the airport. And I complained that it wasn’t comfortable and so on… Then we finally got in Zimbabwe, had our holiday. And guess what happens??? Our flight gets delayed again. As usual I cry and act as if my life depended on it. The lovely people at the airline (you probably know the airline if you know England I mean..)  let us stay in a 5 star hotel named Meikles.


I told you guys I was the princess of drama well here you go… Me and my mum went to the beautiful hotel. The guy on the front desk called me princess and I started pretending I was. I said I was the princess of Belgium :D! And we got the PRESIDENTIAL SUIT. Where Michel Jackson actually slept. BTW I did steal all the snipers and everything out of the mini bar thank you airline I shall not name.

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Planner system that actually works



My best friend. Honestly they are the key to productivity. But you need to use them the right way to get what you want out of them. I used to use my planner wrongly for a very long time. I never really had an idea on how to use it.

Most people will just say write in it. And to a curtain degree I agree with that. But that is not what makes this system work.

Monthly goals

Every month I check witch projects need to be completed. This are the big things I want to get done that specific month. I write those down on post it notes and stick them in the beginning of my planner.


Check list

After I have identified my goals I make a check list. This list includes every single thing that needs to be completed to reach that goal.

Weekly plan

Every week I take a small part of that checklist and add it to my weekly plan. Now I can see myself actively working on something. To me that’s just an amazing feeling.

Daily plan

This will maybe surprise you but every single evening I check what I planed for that day. And I ask myself if I can complete it. Some tasks are not fun to do, so I give myself more time to complete them. Let me give you an example, I am not a big quantum physics fan so instead of spending a full hour on the assignment I hate. I will spend 10 minutes on it that week. This makes it bearable and sometimes even enjoyable.

To do list

Yep I couldn’t leave this one out could I? I love my to do list. It’s that one thing I can’t live without. Every night after I have checked my goals I write my to do list. Checking it off as I go the next day.

Planning for the future

I have a big planner and I hate taking it with me. So I simply don’t. In my to do list book there is a note section. Behind every to do list I can write down witch dates I am given. All the deadlines that I am given, I write down in the notes. When I get home I transfer it to my agenda. The good thing about this is that you aren’t taking a lot of suff with you. And you are forced to open up that agenda.



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listen to people to be a better learner


It’s been like forever since I’ve written a diary post. I know it’s been only a couple of days. Someone is bound to get tired of me. But fuck it I’m just feeling like writing haha.

I’ve learned a very valuable lesson a couple of days back. Although I am shy, I love being right. I love arguing to get  my point accrues. If I feel like I’m right this new person comes out of me. I’ve got a Beyoncé in me when it  comes to arguing haha.

But one thing I forgot to do along the way is just take the time to listen to others. I’m not all up in my own business. But it’s really been helpful to just take the time and look around and see what others are doing and thinking.

These past years, I lost that observant part of me. I forgot it was there, I guess. By going to a monolog about Socrates I realised that listening is so powerful. Taking the time and just looking at other peoples views gives us such a good understanding of the world.

Taking to a 5 year old or a 50 year old, every person knows something you don’t. And I just love taking the time to think about that. If we stop listening we stop learning,  and my problem clicked. I was having a hard time grasping other peoples ideas and thoughts.  I just wasn’t really listening and opening myself up to their ideas.

Always start a conversation with an open mind.

That’s been one thing I just forgot to do and it has helped me so much. I’ve noticed that just looking at things from different perspectives is giving me the best learning experience.

Tell me how you feel about listening and observing. Are you a listener?

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5 ways to sleep better

Sleeping, one of the hardest things for me personally. But one of the most crucial things to success. I love to sleep but it’s so hard to fall asleep. I went form taking sleeping pills to having a good rest.


Sins I went vegan my sleep is so much better. I never have a full or booted feeling so I don’t need to deal with that. Also I don’t really have cravings at night and if I do it’s mostly for some fruit. And that’s fine for sleeping.

Phone off, book on

Yes at night I put my phone on silent. Don’t worry your alarm will go off in the morning. I was actually using that as an excuse. But just try to read before bed. It’s relaxing, good for your grammar and actually helps you sleep.

Pyjamas and no make up

I wear my pyjamas as soon as I get home. If you work a lot like I do at night it’s good to remove your make up and wear pyjamas. It puts you in that relaxed mood and also you don’t need to do all that before bad. And trust me it can get late if you do it before and watch youtube videos… I know this from experience.


If you don’t know about my little blog diary you can check that out. But I basically reflect on my day and what I have learned. Even if i had a bad day, there is always a valuable lesson I learned and I love to share that. Reflecting on your day is just a great way to put your mind at rest. It doesn’t have to be on a blog. It can just be in your journal or even praying if you are religious. Just keep a little bit of reflection part of your routine.

Decaf after noon

If you love coffee as much as I do, this one seems hard. I used to drink coffee turnout the day. Up to 7 cups a day. Needless to say I had some sleep issues. But thanks to the Nespresso box I bought, I had some decaf cups left. Now I drink coffee int the morning and then switch to decaf if I still want the last. I can have the best of both worlds witch I love.

Thank you for reading my darlings.

If you have any requests or things you would like me to talk about tell me in the comments or on twitter



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Going to uni, taking a leap of faith

In October I’m going to uni if everything goes as planed. I’ve looked forward to this moment for ever. I’ve never really been a high school person. What I’m trying to say is that I never was popular or particularly talented.

I’m the smart kid that doesn’t really care I guess. Just get the marks you need to leave. I’m going to law school and I am exited. But at the same time I am so terrified. And I feel like no one tells you this. There is no one who will tell you the truth.

I can be honest with you and say yes I cried. I’m afraid of failing. Like lots of people! So I went to my mum and asked her what I should do. She just looked me in the eye and said “you’ve always wanted to be a lawyer don’t give up now. And it’s true. At the age of 3 I would tell my mums friends that they should get divorced and I’ll make them rich in the settlement. Aka things a kid shouldn’t be saying haha. And funny enough I wasn’t allowed to what TV so don’t really know where it came form.

So I guess I’m jumping in the deep and. I don’t even know if I will like it, maybe I won’t even be good at it. But I know that if I don’t go and try I’m going to hate myself forever. And I feel like it’s importent to take a leap of faith. I believe in me and maybe this is the right path for me.

I’m not this perfect human being and I will never ever know what life will trow at me. But it’s better to fail then to live with regret. I am realising this when I look back. Their have been so many things that I wish I did. So this time I’m letting my heart  take the weal and giving my conscious a vacation on the back seat.


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Blogger Advice: taking pictures and photography tips

Blogger advice

Blog photography is a job on it’s own and man have I had a hard time learning. I still to this day am so bad at taking pictures in my own opinion. I feel like it’s a hard struggle, and we have a lot of competition these days.

Stock photo’s

You can get free picots online. I found an article about where you can get them a couple of days ago here. Personally I try not to use these pictures. Even if they are better quality then mine most of the time. I feel like I want to bring content as original as possible.

And I am so sorry this part of my blog doesn’t have pictures. I will be taking those this weekend. This diary thing wasn’t really planed btw.

If you are all about the writing and not really into photography I think it’s fine to use these sites. I don’t see any problem with using pictures as long as you give credit.

How I take my pictures

I could write a full post about this if you want me to but let me just give you some tips. The internet is full of information and I love google. It has been my photography teacher for the past year. Don’t blame google I am a slow learner haha.

BTW I use an iPhone 7 plus for all my pictures, yes I should get a camera…

Anyway I take 2 types of blog photos

Outfit shots

When taking outfit shots, know you angles! I know I sound like a Kardashian but it works I swear. I know exactly how I should be posing. It does help that I am a model, not going to lie but before I learned to pose by watching bloggers. Follow the big accounts on instagram and you will learn. I promise!


If you have been hanging around for some time you know how I feel about flatlay’s I even wrote a full post about them here.

If this post was helpful pleas tell me and don’t forget to comment. Aka don’t be a stranger 🙂


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Blogger advice, don’t obsess over your followers

Blogger advice

The best decision I have made for my stress levels. It truly is amazing how obsessed I was with gaining followers. We all say it’s not about the numbers. But after some time it becomes a numbers game.” I do it for the love, waiting on the gold rush” like Ed Sheehan said.

I was talking to a friend and he was telling me that I am the one who decides. I hit that publish button and sometimes I lose sight of that. Sometimes I just write what is trending when in reality my posts that are just me being me get way more views.

Remembering why I love blogging

I can tell you that their have been times I have obsessed over followers. I don’t check my stats and how many people read my blog anymore. Just because I am doing it for the love and hoping for the best. That’s why you are getting these raw uncut opinions with all the weirdness I have.  I started this blog because I love to write and I am not losing that part of me.

Don’t worry

If you are putting good content out there that people can find. This means you should check your SEO and have tags! People will come and I am slowly realising that. Good content will be shared. I don’t sit and complain about all the marketing. Yes, I recommend doing your research and knowing what you are doing. But it’s about you, it isn’t some company ran by a man in a suit.

If you like these blogger advice posts please tell me and I will write more of them 🙂


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How to reduce your stress levels and get more done


Stress, we all deal with it. And I had it a lot. But somehow I’ve learned to reduce my stress significantly by just using my thoughts. It sounds to good to be true but I can tell you I am a much happier person.

Identify the situation.

The situation at had is not always as complicated as we think. I am an over thinker. If you would leave me alone in a room, I would just go crazy. But I have realised the bast way to deal with this is to know what you should be doing. What is it about? Does it need my attention?

What can I do?

There are so many things we don’t have control over. That was one of the hardest things for me to accept. Just because I am a control freak. If something doesn’t need my attention or I can’t change it, why do I worry? This is one of the best mindsets you can have as a person. I put myself out there on the internet and everyone can see. I don’t have control over people liking me or not. So why would I worry?

Problem solver

If there is a problem, think of a solution and do it. This is something I have had a hard time learning. Recently I have because a lot cleaner, just because I changed my mindset. I don’t want to have to clean up every time I want to study so I clean up after my session. Simple things like that make my life so much easier and less stressful.

If you like this article and think it’s helpful please tell me on the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list to always be updated



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Monday motivation: A video that made me think

Monday motivation

Today has been en interesting day for me. I just went vegan a couple of days ago. BTW all on my twitter page… Yes my promo is seamless haha.

I have not had the greatest day to be honest. Feeling kind of sluggish because my body is still adjusting and honestly, I just had an off day. Like most of us. But instead of just complaining like I usually do.

Motivational speech

I went on youtube to check for a speech to motivate me. Just to get that “kick under my ass” as we would say in Dutch. So naturally I gravitated to youtube.  I found a very cool video that really got me to get my day a little more in check. I really suggest checking out this video. Maybe it is helpful to you too.



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My place in the blogging world

As some of you may have seen. My blog is changing constantly. I’m trying to find my right spot in the community.

It’s not easy

I’ve got a lot of interests as a person. I love learning a lot and sharing my thoughts. But lately I’ve grown out of some topics I used to share. Honestly I never focus on my audience. Only now I am taking the time to think about it.

I just went true my old posts and I found out that more then half of my blog is about productivity and self love. Those are the things I love writing about and that’s what I will be sharing.

Fashion and Beauty

Those topics are not going anywhere. I love them both so much and I love writing about them. I am not changing that part of me, EVER. But I feel like there is more to me then just that and this year you’ll be seeing more of that side of me.

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How to enjoy being single after being in a relationship

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Single, a word that people have dreaded since the begging of human history.Trying to find a partner to accompany them in breathing season... Haha just kidding, I watch discovery channel a lot.

But let's be real being single sucks. Every women on the planet wants a freaking boyfriend to hug at night and have company.

 Okay not that long I'm not a nun but you get the point.

I feel like being single is something fun in its own way. That single life has something to it. Now I can say, I don't have the need to look for a boyfriend anymore. If it happens it happens, obsession is over.

Love your own company

Thanks to my philosophy teacher I have learned one thing. To be happy with myself. Finding joy in your own company. I'm not talking about being a creepy person that talks to themselves but being happy with yourself. You should be loving your own company and just loving yourself as a human.

Find a hobby

And I am not talking about trashing your exes car. I mean if you want 10 ways how to get revenge on your ex I can write that. And trust me there are smarter ways to talk about it, and I see you sitting hire thinking, what do you think of stalking his girlfriend? No, I'm talking about a real hobby something you like that brings you joy. That's what a hobby is to me, it should make me happy. I should be finding fulfilment by doing it.

Go out

Do things with your friends. Don't be that creepy person that doesn't ever go out and sits in their room with the curtains closed. Just remember to live your life. No other person can ever define you. They are not deciding what you should and shouldn't be doing. Have fun! That's the best advice I've ever gotten.

I was having the worst day ever and I remember Nathan (AKA the best friend on planet earth) telling me not to care. He told me that it's my life and I shouldn't give a fuck about what's going on with him.


ME time

The best thing you can do is care for yourself. You are back on the market. Go for it, look the best you have ever looked. Wear whatever you want, go and get a manicure. Have some ME TIME

I hope you liked this post and share what you think


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