The look for less

Today I found the most amazing store in Antwerp.  And it’s called

I thought I would do something different today and share with you my look for less.

So I’ve been obsessed with the GIGI and Tommy Hilfiger collaboration sweater. And I know I’m not alone. It’s amazing soft and well expensive. Now I’ve found a jumper that is just as stunning for only €30 euros. I know thats crazy right.

I’ve been in love with the gucci signature padlock bag but it’s €2.900 but I got my bag for only €30. Is this not a steal…

And oh yes I got a coat that looks so expencive and it was only €30. How cool is that???


If you guys want me to do more of these post please comment and tell me.    BAG JUMPER DRESS COAT


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The hat effect

Lately I’ve been so into hats. Like obsession alert.

And there are so many benefits to them. Not only do I feel put together.  I feel pretty stylish as well. They ad that “I wolk up like this” effect to my outfit and that’s very much appreciated.

Just like the boyfriend shirt they ad a certain nochalance to the outfit. If you are wearing a simple outfit just ad a hat and you look like a hot hipster.



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The girlfriend christmas guide


Yes almost , Christmas .. Are you EXITED. Because I am and if you aren’t boo you, watch mean girls. Yes, I’m talking about the Regina Goerge dance routine.

Today I’m going to tell you all the secrets to giving her what she wants. Because you don’t want to put her in that situation when she is kindly asking you for the receipt.

#1 Small and thoughtful

You don’t always need to buy the biggest thing on the planet. Just because it’s in a big box doesn’t guaranty she will like it. Instead pay attention to what she’s saying. If she keeps complaining about something small give her that. Even if it’s cheap, she will feel like you pay attention to her.

#2 Go classic

If you girlfriend hasn’t been complaining about things she needs for some time. You’r freaking lucky. (lol) I complain all the time about things I need… Go for something classic like some nice earrings and when I say nice they can be €40 or €50 as long as they are packed nicely and don’t have branding on the box. And don’t forget to get allergy free!

#3 Not just flowers

I know flowers are amazing but they are only good if the are accompanied by something small. If you just get flowers its kind of odd. Honesty I wouldn’t be very happy.

#4 An expiriance

If you really don’t know what to get her and she has buys herself everything she wants, you have one more option. Get  her an experience. This can be a weekend somewhere or  going with her to that movie she wanted and cooking dinner. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be big to be impressive. Or you can go and get something together, reserve some lunch and go shopping. There are lots of amazing experiences you can give her.

My biggest tip is to just listen to her don’t be afraid to get her what she asks for. When women say I want this, they meen it. Remember you know her better the you think!

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Greenway: snel en vegan

 Vegan is hot! Meer en meer winkels en cafés zetten vegan opties op hun menu. Het is niet meer enkel voor de natuur liefhebbers onder ons. Vele worden gewoon vegan omdat het goed is voor hun gezondheid en gewicht.


credit: greenway site

Het is soms toch nog moeilijk om in België vegan te kunnen eten. Weinig restaurants hebben vegan opties op het menu. Zoals jullie weten ben ik geen veganist maar wanneer ik uit eten ga is dit meestal de gezondste optie.


In Antwerpen is het er eindelijk een vegan keten waar je goedkoop en snel kunt eten. Met  burgers, tacos en zelfs vegan ijsjes op het menu is dit echt een winnaar. Kom ook eens kijken wat greenway voor jouw te bieden heeft en geniet van de vegan receptjes.

Adres  Groenplaats 6, 2000 Antwerpen


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Exam motivatition


Yes I’m in the middle of my exams and I’m freaking exited. I am that 1% of people that actually loves exams and studying.  There’s something comforting about being able to learn something on your own.

Even though I love studying getting into that spirit is hard. I can admit that I’m not always motivated. But there is a concept that has helped me when I’m down.

A couple of weeks ago I watched a video by @lilylikes about her motivation. (I will link the video billow)  She’s a law and philosophy student and she really made an impact on me. I’ve been taking philosophy classes myself and her view resonated with me.


” you can change your own mind “

Let me first start by explaining existentialism This is a philosophical theory that states that humans are free beings who are in charge of there own development.

People say that it’s there character that makes them do certain things or that they are just lazy, this isn’t true. Your character doesn’t make you do suff. You are the one doing it. And you can change your own mind.

“your character doesn’t make you do suff”

You are actually in charge of your own toughts and your are making the chose not to pass an exam or study. This means that everything is in your hands. Just remember this when you study, it’s not the subject your are studying that’s the problem when you fail it’s you not wanting to learn it.

A quick disclaimer, every philosophical concept is an extreem I know there are things you can’t change but this is just to make a point. This is helping me so much. And I hope it helps you out.

This is Lilly’s video


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Creative outfit post

img_3482img_3471Because I felt like it I did.. It was so much fun to just go crazy and wear something completely out of my comfort zone.

“And honesty I am in love. “

This outfit is just me totally being myself. The hair is a little out there I know but it’s fun and new so I feel like sharing it.

The top

I love bardot tops they just have this thing about them that makes me smile. They are comfortable but chic and elegant in an understated way. This one is from zara and I will try to figure out how to link everything I’m wearing.

The shoos

These are the most comfortable shoos I’ve ever gotten. I’m not one to buy high street honestly I’ve never gotten high street shoos before. My family has always said that’s something you can’t buy img_3476cheap. But when I saw these I fel in love.. they are from zara and they give a rocker kind of vibe without being too much.

The skirt

This skirt is from vera mode end it double laired. So it’s kind of warm… It’s got this little leather trim to it. It makes the skirt look a little less girly because of it’s twirly shape. I think it’s got this very interesting vibe with the shoos.

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Vertrouwen op jezelf

img_3551  De afgelopen maanden is mijn leven veranderd. Ik ben van 0% naar 100% gegaan in slechts een paar weken. En ik heb veel geleerd.

img_3554Niet alleen lopen op een catwalk en lachen voor een camera maar ook in mijzelf verbouwen.

Niets is zo belangrijk als weten dat je alles kunt. Uiteindelijk kunnen wij als
mensen heel

veel aan. We doen het gewoon niet. Iedereen heeft ergens een passie voor, diep vanbinnen weten we precies wat we willen doen. Maar gaan voor je dromen is eng en moeilijk.

“Niets is zo belangrijk als weten dat je alles kunt.” 

Voor mij zijn mijn studies en mijn blog de twee belangrijkste dingen in mijn leven. Dit zijn de dingen waar ik in wil slagen en eerlijk,  het is niet simpel.

Natuurlijk begrijpt niet iedereen wat ik aan het doen ben, dat is logisch. Niet iedereen gaat je redenering volgen.  Maar een ding is zeker, ik geloof dat ik het kan.

 ” het is niet simpel.”

Er zijn mensen onderweg geweest die zich afvragen waarom ik hier zoveel voor werk aan studeren en mijn blog (ik beschouw mijn modellenwerk als deel van mijn blog omdat het ook inspirerend moet zijn), maar ik zie hier echt iets in en daarom blijf ik gaan.

” Als je iets wil bereiken gewoon doen!”

Ergens diep in mij weet ik dat ik hiermee iets kan bereiken. Het moment wanneer jij dit voelt en weet dat je iets kunt moet je ervoor gaan. Dat is het img_3547moreel van dit verhaal, als je iets wil bereiken gewoon doen!

Ik zou super graag willen weten wat jij
wil bereiken en welke stappen je ervoor hebt genomen of zult nemen. Laat zeker een comment achter, ben benieuwd 🙂

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How to look stylish in winter


It’s time for me to face the facts, it’s literally freezing outside. I wish I could lie and keep wearing my favourite summer dresses all year. But that’s just not the case.

Winter feeling

Don’t get me wrong I love winter and the beautiful carpet of snow just greeting me in the morning. But I’m aways cold. The person with the blankets hidden all over the house, that’s me.

This past weeks I’ve been doing my research because I’m not going to go true winter with sweatpants and a jumper, and either should you. I’ve decided to put together a little guid on how I am acutally keeping warm and stylishimg_3405

Stick to the basics

I know I sound so old right now but just hear me out. Winter just isn’t the time for crazy prints and colours. Keep the clothes as classy as you can because those are the most convenient in cold wether. Play with your makeup, your hair and your accessories. These are the things that will bring out your personality.

“Winter just isn’t the time for crazy prints and colours.”

Over the knee boots

I have the hardest time finding boots that fit around my legs. They are always to big or just look odd on my legs. But now I’ve found a solution, sued over the knee boots. They always have a string so they will fit perfectly and snug.

Mine are just some cheap ones form a local store named close up. They don’t need to be expensive, sued and rain don’t go together and we all know that I’ll be wearing those boots in the snow. So spending €1000 just doesn’t seem justifiable in any way. Mine are €50.

Skinny black denim

I live in my black jeans, they are an essential in my wardrobe. I literally wear them to death. Not only because they are the most comfortable but also the most flattering thing. If you like wearing oversized knitwear they will help contrast it and show your shape.

The most important part of finding the right pair of black jeans is checking there thickness.  Especially in winter, you would be surprised how warm they can actually be.

You don’t always need to buy disigner denim, they just need to fit right. If you are a bit slimmer it’s good to check out Tommy Hilfiger or Pimkie (in Belgium) they’re sizes run pretty small and are high wasted.




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How to improve your work epic 


We all work hard but if efficacy is the key how do we get there?

Plan it out

So there are a million ways to plan your life and to see exactly what you are going to do that day. You can use agendas, journals, iPads… But the most important thing is to work your way true the day.

Life is monopoly

Work with the cards you’ve got and make them as great as you can. Don’t ever sit and be jealous of other peoples advantages in the game, you are the one that has to make it great for yourself not for someone els.

Be stratigic

Think of life as a perfectly thought out plan, even if things don’t always work your way, change yourself to suit them. Change the moment to make ti e

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De 3 pijlers naar succes


De laatste tijd heeft iedereen het druk met kortweg alles. In een post-moderne samenleving is het moeilijk om nog je eigen kleine successen te aanvaarden. De vraag komt bij vele op, ben ik goed genoeg?

Dit is een vraag die iedereen zichzelf stelt. Ik stel mezelf deze vraag constant. Waarom doe ik dit eigenlijk?

Maar uiteindelijk krijg ik mezelf er wel door en ik denk dat die intrinsieke motivatie heel erg belangrijk is om iets te bereiken.

Hier zijn mijn tips en hoe ik erover nadenk.

Vergelijk alleen met jezelf

Het is jouw evolutie die je moet beoordelen niet die van een andere persoon. Het is belangrijker dat jij vooruit gaat, als iemand anders van 10 naar 100 gaat in een maand en jij van 10 naar 30 mag je trots zijn. Je enige concurrent is jezelf!

Evaluate moment

Voor mij is dit cruciaal, ik plan hier ook tijd voor, voor ik ga slapen schrijf ik kort wat ik heb gedaan en wat ik beter kan. Dit gebeurt niet elke dag maar het is heel handig om op terug te kijken. Je  kunt altijd leren vanuit je eigen fouten.

Hulp vragen

Als je iets niet weet, vraag het! Hier is niets mis mee, denk aan Socrates, vanuit vragen krijg je een conclusie. Iemand vertelde mij ooit  “een nee kun je altijd krijgen, maar een ja is mooi meegenomen”.

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Am I in love with love


Lately I’ve been catching myself looking at peoples relationships and feeling kind of lonely. Then I realised I’m just in love with the idea of being in love not with a person.


I guess society says you should be in love. Especially at my age, I’ve only had one serious relationship and I feel like my friends assume I’ve had a lot of boyfriends. But in reality its not true. In reality I’m a pretty shy and awkward person. On camera and on my blog I seem to be this really outgoing person which I am if you know me. But honestly I feel like I don’t fit into this perfect ideology of having some boyfriend.

The beauty of a relationship

Relationships look good, that’s the truth. When I see people out there with there boyfriend/girlfriend I’m a little jealous that’s the truth. And I feel like it’s okay, relationships do look pretty but that doesn’t mean they are perfect.

Not about sex

Let’s just be honest I’ve never had full on sex. And I’m taking my time, maybe it’s me being naive or stupid but I feel like I want an emotional and a physical connection. Not just something I’ll regret.

Just the idea

Just because your in love with the idea of being in love doesn’t mean you should get in a relationship. It’s about feelings and having a emotional connection with the other person.

I’m taking my time, tell me how you feel and what you think is the right thing to do.



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iPhone 7 plus review


Finally my long awaited iPhone 7 review. I know it’s taken some time for me to share this but now the new camera feature is out, I feel like I can share my thoughts. This post won’t be too specific because I feel like you can find those well, everywhere.

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