Planner system that actually works



My best friend. Honestly they are the key to productivity. But you need to use them the right way to get what you want out of them. I used to use my planner wrongly for a very long time. I never really had an idea on how to use it.

Most people will just say write in it. And to a curtain degree I agree with that. But that is not what makes this system work.

Monthly goals

Every month I check witch projects need to be completed. This are the big things I want to get done that specific month. I write those down on post it notes and stick them in the beginning of my planner.


Check list

After I have identified my goals I make a check list. This list includes every single thing that needs to be completed to reach that goal.

Weekly plan

Every week I take a small part of that checklist and add it to my weekly plan. Now I can see myself actively working on something. To me that’s just an amazing feeling.

Daily plan

This will maybe surprise you but every single evening I check what I planed for that day. And I ask myself if I can complete it. Some tasks are not fun to do, so I give myself more time to complete them. Let me give you an example, I am not a big quantum physics fan so instead of spending a full hour on the assignment I hate. I will spend 10 minutes on it that week. This makes it bearable and sometimes even enjoyable.

To do list

Yep I couldn’t leave this one out could I? I love my to do list. It’s that one thing I can’t live without. Every night after I have checked my goals I write my to do list. Checking it off as I go the next day.

Planning for the future

I have a big planner and I hate taking it with me. So I simply don’t. In my to do list book there is a note section. Behind every to do list I can write down witch dates I am given. All the deadlines that I am given, I write down in the notes. When I get home I transfer it to my agenda. The good thing about this is that you aren’t taking a lot of suff with you. And you are forced to open up that agenda.




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