Rik Wouters &The private utopia 

Rik Wouters &The private utopia 

The creepy obsessions and optimism of Rik Wouters brought to life with disigner fashion. This is the new execution on MoMu. Now here’s the what where and was it worth it?


A bland of art and fashion. 

The colourful painting from Rik Wouters compliment the new peaces from Belgiums finest disigners. 

You get to stalk the life the pain and most importantly, the wardrobes.K

You can get a sneak peak on what’s coming and what we can all be expecting to see this fall and winter 


You can see this expedition in the fashion museum in Antwerp.

You can visit the execution from 


Nationalestraat 28

2000 Antwerpen


17.9.16 > 26.2.17

There open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm

Is it worth it?

Yes, it’s a very interesting exebituon. It shows how you can make negatives into positives!


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