Stop being over friendly

Over friendly defined

Being over friendly can be defined as being nice unto a point where you are just ratifying someone feelings and beliefs.

My problem with being over friendly

I am a very outgoing and opinionated person in my home and with people I know and trust. Because I used to get bullied and dismissed when I was a child I created this habit of just accepting what others think and not really listening to what they have to say. I felt that giving them the positive feedback they wanted out of the conversation would keep me out of trouble.

The habit

By the time I got older I created this habit over over friendly behavior. I stoped listening to other people and just started reinforcing there beliefs. Instead of stand up for my own thoughts I have the tendency to keep it to myself.

A probleemtic truth

I don’t like to say it’s very problematic but in one or another way it is. I’s a form of nurturing others well forgetting yourself along the way. I think it’s something to pay attention to. Opinions need to be expressed and not just be held captive in the volts of our minds.

What i’m trying

I’m trying to catch myself in the habit of being overly friendly. Just listening to other people can already tremendously help and not being afraid of rejection. I feel with age comes a feeling of fearlessness towards rejection.

i am slowly realizing the that my own company is’t bad at all. When an opinion or thought is expressed with respect and interest in the other persons opinion it isn’t a bad thing you are helping each other understand the world from other perspectives.

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