Sun protection tips. ( get even toned skin, anti -aging )

Sun protection tips. ( get even toned skin, anti -aging )

As the temperatures rise and the sun shines, you need to be protected. This tips will make you a pro at looking great and protected any time of the year. Also for all you older girls and guys out there, it will make you look younger longer!

Don’t wait until your outside

Make shore you wear your sunblock 20 minutes before going out. This will give the sunblock time to sink in and protect you from UV radiation.

Two in one products

Why make things harder then they are? If it isn’t to sunny outside you can get away with wearing a BB cream or day cream whit SPF in it.

Don’t relay on makeup

Resist the erge to run out of your house without sunblock! Just because a product has SPF on it doesn’t mean it will protect you. Makeup has really little SPF in it and you will have to apply a lot of it to be protected.

Renew the bottle

Everyone bas that bottle of sunblock in the back off there drawer. Don’t use it, read the expiration date.  Expired sunblock can lose it’s protective effect.

Don’t go over 50

Sunblock isn’t legit if it’s over 50. It’s could marketing my loves.

Wear sunglasses

Now you have an excuse to buy those disigner sunglasses you’ve been eying. The sun can actually damage your mussels for ever. So I think i’ve given you a good enough argument to get your those sunnies.



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