How to do your eyebrows in under 3 minutes

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Drawing eyebrows

It has always been a pain trying to do my eyebrows. They have to look natural but also be apparent enough so they frame my face.

And you guys my think it is very easy and, and yes it is if you have the time to actually sit with a pencil and draw. Obviously I don’t have that much time in the morning. Honestly I’m not that patient ether.

So I found the product to salve all my morning issue. And it’s price of €12 is also very helpful. The l’Oréal Brow Artist Plumper has been a true time saver for me. I have known about this product for almost a year but I have been using it totally wrong. And I’ll explain way.

My hair colour

For the most of last year I had braids. Always darker then my real hair colour. Honestly so I didn’t have to deal with the eyebrow issue and this product worked fantastic. Because I was using the beginning of the brush to darken my eyebrows. But when I removed my braids the colour just didn’t work so I stopped using this it and started using a powered that worked but took forever and mess-ups where inevitable.

The brush

The trick to using this is to ‘shade’ it right, this sounds kind of complicated but I’ll explain. When you apply the product don’t use the beginning of the brush. It always has access and makes your eyebrows look way darker.

Be gentle

Don’t rub it on because the colour will be uneven and look very odd. Instead take your time and be gentle because it really only takes one streak! And the more you stress the longer things take, do them right and with nations the first time!

Cotton pads

The best friend in every girls beauty case. This is also very impotent to get the colour down. Just use a cotton pad to bland and the colour will look perfect. Just do it evenly!



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How I got my motivation back


I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and I really love what I do but am I doing this right? It’s a question I ask myself a lot. I wrote a post about bettering yourself and doing good but the question always is am I? I am a serious self critic as you guys know. Perfectionism is part of me and how I am as a person. Looking at what some people are putting up on the internet I feel like my content isn’t getting out there enough.



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Beauty is in your head

Sorry to tell you but Beaty isn’t what other people like.

Yes I promis I’m not crazy. Okay mybe I am but I have a valid point. 

When I started my Instagram account I tried my hardest to follow the big bloggers. But I noticed ever one of these people was unique. 

They weren’t coke cutter perfect. They where themselves.

Think of people like Gigi Hadid. A couple of years ago she wouldn’t have been a model because she redefined beauty. 

And honestly it’s not being pretty that gets you all the way, its persistence. 

If you work hard and stay presistent you will get there, just look at me. I’m far far away from pretty or perfect. But I work hard and that’s what gets me there.  I know I’m not the biggest and most amazing blogger out there but I’m not doing to bad for myself. 

So remember guys beauty is in the brain, not in the mirror 

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