Look expensive all the time

Look expensive

Let’s face it we all want to look expensive some times. Even if it is just to impress someone. Not because it’s your ultimate goal in life or whatever but just because you can.

Inch of skin

This is what I love about people like Taylor Swift. Not showing to much but just enough to be sexy and expensive. Showing to much skin can make you look really cheap really quickly.

Plane and simple

Keeping things simple can make you look expensive. The plainer the better, end the better the fabric, even more amazing! Don’t where crazy prints if you want to look expensive. Think about it all the t-shirts with the big logos just scream in your face when really expensive things have the table on the inside.


It’s all about the details. Even if my dress is from zara and my coat from H&M, I paid close attention to details. The coats is made form a luxurious feeling fabric that is so soft and snuggly. Lace details make the dress look way more expensive then it actually is.

Same thing with the shoes. You guys know how I feel about suede shoes and my fear of them getting ruined. To be honest maybe I’ll get a designer pair in the future… We will see haha. But these where only €20 in the sale I mean come on!!!! that’s just amazing.

Mix with designer

This is totally optional but I love doing this. Mixing my high street with my designer pieces. My designer bag and scarf really dress up my outfit and give it that up scale vibe. I just love doing that to looks. Not everything needs to be designer honestly no one can afford that and the people that can don’t even do it. Even stars like Beyoncé wear clothes from zara and H&M as long as you know what you should buy expensive and what you should buy cheap you will always you expensive!




photography Molly Winckelmans (instagram @mollysartmove)


boots – closeup shop

scarf – burberry

bag – lancel

dress – zara

coat – h&m



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Blogger Advice: taking pictures and photography tips

Blogger advice

Blog photography is a job on it’s own and man have I had a hard time learning. I still to this day am so bad at taking pictures in my own opinion. I feel like it’s a hard struggle, and we have a lot of competition these days.

Stock photo’s

You can get free picots online. I found an article about where you can get them a couple of days ago here. Personally I try not to use these pictures. Even if they are better quality then mine most of the time. I feel like I want to bring content as original as possible.

And I am so sorry this part of my blog doesn’t have pictures. I will be taking those this weekend. This diary thing wasn’t really planed btw.

If you are all about the writing and not really into photography I think it’s fine to use these sites. I don’t see any problem with using pictures as long as you give credit.

How I take my pictures

I could write a full post about this if you want me to but let me just give you some tips. The internet is full of information and I love google. It has been my photography teacher for the past year. Don’t blame google I am a slow learner haha.

BTW I use an iPhone 7 plus for all my pictures, yes I should get a camera…

Anyway I take 2 types of blog photos

Outfit shots

When taking outfit shots, know you angles! I know I sound like a Kardashian but it works I swear. I know exactly how I should be posing. It does help that I am a model, not going to lie but before I learned to pose by watching bloggers. Follow the big accounts on instagram and you will learn. I promise!


If you have been hanging around for some time you know how I feel about flatlay’s I even wrote a full post about them here.

If this post was helpful pleas tell me and don’t forget to comment. Aka don’t be a stranger 🙂


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Letting go of your goals

In all honest I am very bad at letting go of my goals. I always have been and will be bad at it. But I'm learning to let go, the past weeks I realised that the results you get can be good enough. You don't need to define your goals in numbers or quantities , but in the quality.
Lately I've had a hard time with this. I always expect more of myself. Not because my expectations are too high but because I know I can get there. Sometimes life just gets in the way and we should accept that. It's not always possible to reach your goal immediately. But I don't think there's an expiry date when it comes to perfection.
 Not me


What if someone els got that result? I bet you would say its good, so way are you mad at yourself? This is also a perfectionism thing but its also just accepting that getting a curtain result isn't that all that bad. Don't give yourself a hard time, sometimes good is good and that's all to it.


Put it into context
Be aware of your own needs and feelings don't just put hem away in a box. You can be honest with yourself if you where going through a hard time and you feel like you weren't performing optimal. Just put it into context. Be honest with yourself and tell yourself you didn't do it perfect because of personal issue


To me failure is not trying. If you are trying and working to get somewhere it's simply not failing. I feel like every time I did't reach a goal, I learned form it. And that seems more importent to me than reaching it. Bettering yourself is the most importent skill you can ever have. Remember that.


Pants ZARA
Boots ZARA
If this post was helpful please share and tell me how you feel.
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How to look stylish in winter


It’s time for me to face the facts, it’s literally freezing outside. I wish I could lie and keep wearing my favourite summer dresses all year. But that’s just not the case.

Winter feeling

Don’t get me wrong I love winter and the beautiful carpet of snow just greeting me in the morning. But I’m aways cold. The person with the blankets hidden all over the house, that’s me.

This past weeks I’ve been doing my research because I’m not going to go true winter with sweatpants and a jumper, and either should you. I’ve decided to put together a little guid on how I am acutally keeping warm and stylishimg_3405

Stick to the basics

I know I sound so old right now but just hear me out. Winter just isn’t the time for crazy prints and colours. Keep the clothes as classy as you can because those are the most convenient in cold wether. Play with your makeup, your hair and your accessories. These are the things that will bring out your personality.

“Winter just isn’t the time for crazy prints and colours.”

Over the knee boots

I have the hardest time finding boots that fit around my legs. They are always to big or just look odd on my legs. But now I’ve found a solution, sued over the knee boots. They always have a string so they will fit perfectly and snug.

Mine are just some cheap ones form a local store named close up. They don’t need to be expensive, sued and rain don’t go together and we all know that I’ll be wearing those boots in the snow. So spending €1000 just doesn’t seem justifiable in any way. Mine are €50.

Skinny black denim

I live in my black jeans, they are an essential in my wardrobe. I literally wear them to death. Not only because they are the most comfortable but also the most flattering thing. If you like wearing oversized knitwear they will help contrast it and show your shape.

The most important part of finding the right pair of black jeans is checking there thickness.  Especially in winter, you would be surprised how warm they can actually be.

You don’t always need to buy disigner denim, they just need to fit right. If you are a bit slimmer it’s good to check out Tommy Hilfiger or Pimkie (in Belgium) they’re sizes run pretty small and are high wasted.




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3 things to get into the Christmas spirit

It’s almost that time of year. Finally we get to go all out for Christmas. Witch means putting up our tree and getting as many decorations we can around the house.

Hold up,  you maybe think it’s too early but honey if it was up to me we would start cerebrating Christmas in July.

Here are the 3 things we do in my house to get into the Christmas spirit.

  • Buy Chocolate milk

Stock up because well it’s getting cold and there is nothing like a good book and a good  cup of choco.

When I go shopping for Chocolate milk I go all out. The best, the greatest in the nicest jar I can get. Let’s call it choco criticism the Belgian part of me coming to the surface.

Make it an event, I do. I drag every family member who is willing aka my mum (sometimes my brother) to every chocolate store in Brussels to try as many types as we can. Trust me it’s fun!

Remember to always buy dark chocolate powder or melting chocolate. It is very nutritious, has antioxidants and keeps the skin looking young.

If you are watching your diet you can always use almond milk instead of regular milk to cut the calories. Plus it gives a really nice flavor.

  • Watch a Christmas special or 10

I’m not in the Christmas spirit unless I’ve seen a good Christmas special.

Hire are my 2 suggestions everyone will love. Even the people who aren’t that Christmassy. Tried and tested on my dad, they work

# A Madea Christmas

This movie is just hilarious. If you haven’t seen any Medea movies yet, I’m so sorry for getting you hocked.

# The last holiday

Watch this with a big cup of choco and your loved ones by your side.

# This Christmas

This is a movie I watch with my mum every Christmas. It’s just so amazing.

  • Get that sweater

Yes you heared me, the most unfashionable thing on the planet. The Chrismas sweater, it just gets me in the best mood ever. You are with the poeple you love, so go for it. There’s somthing megical about that sweater, even if it’s ugly you always look amazing.

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Japsnies fashion secret (quick post)

In Japan the wether gets really cold and people still wear beautiful dresses and shorts.

Here’s the secret

Thermo clothing, you heated me comfortable warm and beautiful. It actually exists! Last week I went to uniqlo last week and was blown away. 

You can get style and warmth all for a affordable price.

Go and check them out! 

Would you guys like quick daily posts? 

Comment and tell me 

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