Look expensive all the time

Look expensive

Let’s face it we all want to look expensive some times. Even if it is just to impress someone. Not because it’s your ultimate goal in life or whatever but just because you can.

Inch of skin

This is what I love about people like Taylor Swift. Not showing to much but just enough to be sexy and expensive. Showing to much skin can make you look really cheap really quickly.

Plane and simple

Keeping things simple can make you look expensive. The plainer the better, end the better the fabric, even more amazing! Don’t where crazy prints if you want to look expensive. Think about it all the t-shirts with the big logos just scream in your face when really expensive things have the table on the inside.


It’s all about the details. Even if my dress is from zara and my coat from H&M, I paid close attention to details. The coats is made form a luxurious feeling fabric that is so soft and snuggly. Lace details make the dress look way more expensive then it actually is.

Same thing with the shoes. You guys know how I feel about suede shoes and my fear of them getting ruined. To be honest maybe I’ll get a designer pair in the future… We will see haha. But these where only €20 in the sale I mean come on!!!! that’s just amazing.

Mix with designer

This is totally optional but I love doing this. Mixing my high street with my designer pieces. My designer bag and scarf really dress up my outfit and give it that up scale vibe. I just love doing that to looks. Not everything needs to be designer honestly no one can afford that and the people that can don’t even do it. Even stars like Beyoncé wear clothes from zara and H&M as long as you know what you should buy expensive and what you should buy cheap you will always you expensive!




photography Molly Winckelmans (instagram @mollysartmove)


boots – closeup shop

scarf – burberry

bag – lancel

dress – zara

coat – h&m



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How to style a scarf

Scarfs are the most underestimated accessory out there.  It’s not just something you can tie around your neck, and all the cool girls are rocking it in so many different ways this summer.

As a little girl my grandmother owned so many scarfs. I don’t think I can think of a day she wasn’t wearing one. From Hermes to H&M she had it. This has shaped my style so much.

The headband scarf

Wearing a scarf as a headband can be very trendy and chic. It can add that pop of culler when you are wearing a simple summer dress. Especially if you are tie your hear in a bun it can be an awesome look with a bit of a romantic vibe.

The belt scarf

This is one of the best things for people like me who always loose belts. Just like the headband scarf it adds a pop of colour and is very practical. If you are travelling this is very useful as you don’t need to remove it passing true customs. And don’t forget it’s light weight so it won’t way down you suitcase like some belts can.

The bracelet scarf

This one is really fun, wearing a bracelet as a scarf just screams Paris to me. It’s a great way to make your casual outfit feel just as glamours as a cocktail dress.



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