How to get your shit together and learn to actually be an adult

  how to be an adult

This past year I’ve changed a lot. In a good way if I do say so myself.  I’ve learned how to calm down and be way more rational. So basically I got my shit together.

Not rushing

Do you know those times when you are trying to put on your shoos but it’s just not happening? Chances are you are in such a rush you are not focust. This used to happen to me all the time.

I always try to stay calm even if I am late to thing. There’s no need to make yourself crazy and get that unnecessary adrenalin rush. Instead I just stay calm and think about what I need to do. Trust me this takes less time.

Listening to people

I love being right. But recently I’ve learned that everyone has something relevant to say. Don’t ever look down on people. I learn so much form listening to others, you would be surprised to hear the knowledge people have.

The other day my little brother taught me how to send snapchat videos to Instagram. That’s just an example of one of the things I would not have known if I didn’t listen.


You know I am going to bring up philosophy any time I can. But this is something that truly helped me grow as a person.

You are in charge of your own being and that’s so powerful. If I am not happy with something or in a bad mood I just sit down and think about it. At the end of  the day I am making the unconscious decision to have a bad day. So I can change it just by using my thoughts.

It might seem odd to you but I would tell everyone to take a philosophy class or read a book. But if that isn’t really your cup of tea or you just don’t have the time. Here is a free youtube serie you can watch and learn about the world around you.

Have fun

This is one thing we all forget to do once in a while. I realised I don’t need to be productive and working every minute of the day. Sometimes it’s enough to just sit and relax. There’s really nothing wrong with that. How to be an adult is relative guys. Just be happy when doing it.


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Why Talking to yourself can benefit your producivity

Talking to yourself

Let me just say it, I talk to myself, a lot. When I was younger people used to think I was crazy. I would lock my door and read to myself, afterwards I would tell myself what I read. It sounds odd but that is how I used to learn.

Denying it

I used to try my hardest not to do it. My grades went down dramatically from not talking to myself and not saying things out loud. It was not done so I didn’t do it. My teachers always told me to make summaries and write things down. Even if I still make summaries and write down what I am learning I don’t spend that much time making things look pretty and neat as I used to. When people think productivity and learning they always think you should be sitting behind a desk and that just doesn’t work for everyone.

The truth

There’s nothing wrong with talking to yourself. Lot’s of studies have proven that taking to yourself is great for your memory (here just to prove a point). The most brilliant minds like Einstein talked to themselves so why can’t we? Our auditorial memory is a great tool to use so let’s use it.

How I study now

Now I am not shy to walk out of a room and study. Up to the beginning of this year I was shy to study this way and thought I was abnormal. Now I walk out of class and just run true the halls revising my papers out loud. It might sound odd but I detest sitting down so I don’t anymore and it’s the best decision I have ever made.

So tell me how do you learn, and do you talk to yourself?

And O ya share this article if you like it and don’t forget to be awesome 🙂


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listen to people to be a better learner


It’s been like forever since I’ve written a diary post. I know it’s been only a couple of days. Someone is bound to get tired of me. But fuck it I’m just feeling like writing haha.

I’ve learned a very valuable lesson a couple of days back. Although I am shy, I love being right. I love arguing to get  my point accrues. If I feel like I’m right this new person comes out of me. I’ve got a Beyoncé in me when it  comes to arguing haha.

But one thing I forgot to do along the way is just take the time to listen to others. I’m not all up in my own business. But it’s really been helpful to just take the time and look around and see what others are doing and thinking.

These past years, I lost that observant part of me. I forgot it was there, I guess. By going to a monolog about Socrates I realised that listening is so powerful. Taking the time and just looking at other peoples views gives us such a good understanding of the world.

Taking to a 5 year old or a 50 year old, every person knows something you don’t. And I just love taking the time to think about that. If we stop listening we stop learning,  and my problem clicked. I was having a hard time grasping other peoples ideas and thoughts.  I just wasn’t really listening and opening myself up to their ideas.

Always start a conversation with an open mind.

That’s been one thing I just forgot to do and it has helped me so much. I’ve noticed that just looking at things from different perspectives is giving me the best learning experience.

Tell me how you feel about listening and observing. Are you a listener?

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Exam motivatition


Yes I’m in the middle of my exams and I’m freaking exited. I am that 1% of people that actually loves exams and studying.  There’s something comforting about being able to learn something on your own.

Even though I love studying getting into that spirit is hard. I can admit that I’m not always motivated. But there is a concept that has helped me when I’m down.

A couple of weeks ago I watched a video by @lilylikes about her motivation. (I will link the video billow)  She’s a law and philosophy student and she really made an impact on me. I’ve been taking philosophy classes myself and her view resonated with me.


” you can change your own mind “

Let me first start by explaining existentialism This is a philosophical theory that states that humans are free beings who are in charge of there own development.

People say that it’s there character that makes them do certain things or that they are just lazy, this isn’t true. Your character doesn’t make you do suff. You are the one doing it. And you can change your own mind.

“your character doesn’t make you do suff”

You are actually in charge of your own toughts and your are making the chose not to pass an exam or study. This means that everything is in your hands. Just remember this when you study, it’s not the subject your are studying that’s the problem when you fail it’s you not wanting to learn it.

A quick disclaimer, every philosophical concept is an extreem I know there are things you can’t change but this is just to make a point. This is helping me so much. And I hope it helps you out.

This is Lilly’s video


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