How to get your shit together and learn to actually be an adult

  how to be an adult

This past year I’ve changed a lot. In a good way if I do say so myself.  I’ve learned how to calm down and be way more rational. So basically I got my shit together.

Not rushing

Do you know those times when you are trying to put on your shoos but it’s just not happening? Chances are you are in such a rush you are not focust. This used to happen to me all the time.

I always try to stay calm even if I am late to thing. There’s no need to make yourself crazy and get that unnecessary adrenalin rush. Instead I just stay calm and think about what I need to do. Trust me this takes less time.

Listening to people

I love being right. But recently I’ve learned that everyone has something relevant to say. Don’t ever look down on people. I learn so much form listening to others, you would be surprised to hear the knowledge people have.

The other day my little brother taught me how to send snapchat videos to Instagram. That’s just an example of one of the things I would not have known if I didn’t listen.


You know I am going to bring up philosophy any time I can. But this is something that truly helped me grow as a person.

You are in charge of your own being and that’s so powerful. If I am not happy with something or in a bad mood I just sit down and think about it. At the end of  the day I am making the unconscious decision to have a bad day. So I can change it just by using my thoughts.

It might seem odd to you but I would tell everyone to take a philosophy class or read a book. But if that isn’t really your cup of tea or you just don’t have the time. Here is a free youtube serie you can watch and learn about the world around you.

Have fun

This is one thing we all forget to do once in a while. I realised I don’t need to be productive and working every minute of the day. Sometimes it’s enough to just sit and relax. There’s really nothing wrong with that. How to be an adult is relative guys. Just be happy when doing it.


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How to look stylish in winter


It’s time for me to face the facts, it’s literally freezing outside. I wish I could lie and keep wearing my favourite summer dresses all year. But that’s just not the case.

Winter feeling

Don’t get me wrong I love winter and the beautiful carpet of snow just greeting me in the morning. But I’m aways cold. The person with the blankets hidden all over the house, that’s me.

This past weeks I’ve been doing my research because I’m not going to go true winter with sweatpants and a jumper, and either should you. I’ve decided to put together a little guid on how I am acutally keeping warm and stylishimg_3405

Stick to the basics

I know I sound so old right now but just hear me out. Winter just isn’t the time for crazy prints and colours. Keep the clothes as classy as you can because those are the most convenient in cold wether. Play with your makeup, your hair and your accessories. These are the things that will bring out your personality.

“Winter just isn’t the time for crazy prints and colours.”

Over the knee boots

I have the hardest time finding boots that fit around my legs. They are always to big or just look odd on my legs. But now I’ve found a solution, sued over the knee boots. They always have a string so they will fit perfectly and snug.

Mine are just some cheap ones form a local store named close up. They don’t need to be expensive, sued and rain don’t go together and we all know that I’ll be wearing those boots in the snow. So spending €1000 just doesn’t seem justifiable in any way. Mine are €50.

Skinny black denim

I live in my black jeans, they are an essential in my wardrobe. I literally wear them to death. Not only because they are the most comfortable but also the most flattering thing. If you like wearing oversized knitwear they will help contrast it and show your shape.

The most important part of finding the right pair of black jeans is checking there thickness.  Especially in winter, you would be surprised how warm they can actually be.

You don’t always need to buy disigner denim, they just need to fit right. If you are a bit slimmer it’s good to check out Tommy Hilfiger or Pimkie (in Belgium) they’re sizes run pretty small and are high wasted.




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How to improve your work epic 


We all work hard but if efficacy is the key how do we get there?

Plan it out

So there are a million ways to plan your life and to see exactly what you are going to do that day. You can use agendas, journals, iPads… But the most important thing is to work your way true the day.

Life is monopoly

Work with the cards you’ve got and make them as great as you can. Don’t ever sit and be jealous of other peoples advantages in the game, you are the one that has to make it great for yourself not for someone els.

Be stratigic

Think of life as a perfectly thought out plan, even if things don’t always work your way, change yourself to suit them. Change the moment to make ti e

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The time I stopped giving a fuck

I used to care so much about everyone. What will they think of me? Will anyone ever read the stuff I put online?

My blog has been hidden from my friends and family for months. Now today 3 november I’ve put my blog up for all my facebook friends to see.

Now I have more than 1000 of y’all  reading my stuff I’ve grown pretty confident. By the way thank you to everyone.

So I’m jumping into the deep end, spending money on a blog templates and all. I feel like finally I can say I believe in myself and I love my own content.

Honestly the best advise I can give anyone is keep faking it till you make it. There will be a time you fall in love with your own stuff and it’s worth it.



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3 things to get into the Christmas spirit

It’s almost that time of year. Finally we get to go all out for Christmas. Witch means putting up our tree and getting as many decorations we can around the house.

Hold up,  you maybe think it’s too early but honey if it was up to me we would start cerebrating Christmas in July.

Here are the 3 things we do in my house to get into the Christmas spirit.

  • Buy Chocolate milk

Stock up because well it’s getting cold and there is nothing like a good book and a good  cup of choco.

When I go shopping for Chocolate milk I go all out. The best, the greatest in the nicest jar I can get. Let’s call it choco criticism the Belgian part of me coming to the surface.

Make it an event, I do. I drag every family member who is willing aka my mum (sometimes my brother) to every chocolate store in Brussels to try as many types as we can. Trust me it’s fun!

Remember to always buy dark chocolate powder or melting chocolate. It is very nutritious, has antioxidants and keeps the skin looking young.

If you are watching your diet you can always use almond milk instead of regular milk to cut the calories. Plus it gives a really nice flavor.

  • Watch a Christmas special or 10

I’m not in the Christmas spirit unless I’ve seen a good Christmas special.

Hire are my 2 suggestions everyone will love. Even the people who aren’t that Christmassy. Tried and tested on my dad, they work

# A Madea Christmas

This movie is just hilarious. If you haven’t seen any Medea movies yet, I’m so sorry for getting you hocked.

# The last holiday

Watch this with a big cup of choco and your loved ones by your side.

# This Christmas

This is a movie I watch with my mum every Christmas. It’s just so amazing.

  • Get that sweater

Yes you heared me, the most unfashionable thing on the planet. The Chrismas sweater, it just gets me in the best mood ever. You are with the poeple you love, so go for it. There’s somthing megical about that sweater, even if it’s ugly you always look amazing.

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That time I was a total bitch 

I’ve been having a tough time lately. I’m in this big blown out of proportion fight with my best friend and honestly I was a bitch. 

Let me explain 

We’ve had s difficult past and I’m challenged when it comes to forgiving someone’s mistakes. We have had our problems in the past trust me, a little more that usual. 

But I always keep going back because we make etch other happy. But sometimes the past just comes keeping in.

What happened 

A small comment just got me so freaking mad, I started seeing the past and how much I was heart. I kept going at it and I kept going back with arguments of the past and I realised, I’m not giving chances.

We all say we are forcing Sometimes we just aren’t 

And I felt like I had to share this just because I am so much into empowerment and accepting yourself and others. I feel like even if you have the best intentions in the world you need to stop and look at yourself.
Tell me if you guys like the more story related stuff in the comments 💋

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How to cut your bathroom time in half (for all you late girls)

Yes we all find ourself late to, kind of everything…  Especially us girls. We want to go in the bathroom and walk out looking like models. Not like I do BTW. But I’ve found THE way to actually not be late to, lets be real EVERYTHING.

Don’t do your hair

Do it at night. Don’t start doing your hair in the morning. it will take literally for ever. Instead tie your hair in a bun on top of your head and wrap a silk scarf around it. This will avoid tangles and keep your hear perfect for the next day. Plus this will actually increase hair growth.

Right now i just use an old silk scarf from my mum to get the job done. Even one from the thrift store will do. This really doesn’t have to be fancy.

Take a picture of your outfit

If you are loving a outfit take a picture of it. in that way you have options when you lack inspiration. For the girls who love to stay in bed until the last minute this is gold!

And when your at it, put it on instagram. And follow me @lisawinckelmans if you haven’t already (shameless self-promotion…)

In the shower

For all you people with those dirty minds out there. Take a chill pill. I’m not talking about that.

In the shower you can actually wash your face and brush your teeth.

Think about it, it’s water it will work just as well. Instead of singing the entire Taylor Swift album (yes you don’t pretend I do it too) this will be helpful.

Pump it up

The best way to be aware of time without stress is with music. Create a playlist that is about 20 minutes long and try to be ready when the playlist is finished. This has been amazing for me, I found it one of the most helpful things ever!

If you have any tips. Please share them in the comments. And don’t forget to share this post with all your friends who are late to everything 😉

You can follow me on social media to never miss the crazy train…

Instagram: @lisawinckelmans

Twitter: @winckelmanslisa

Snapchat @lisawinckelmans


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How to set up a bedroom under €300 (excluding bed and chandelier)

Setting up a complete bedroom can be a big task, especially if you are saving for collage like I am. And yes my room costs less then my shoos, not going to lie. But they where on sale and they where Chanel.

Back to the topic of the day, how the hell did I get everything to be so cheap. I’ll explain it step by step.

1. what do you need.

Make a list of everything you need in function of the objects you already have. Like if you have a lot of books you need a bookcase. If you have more shoos than books, get a shelf for your books instead of the bookcase.

2. Buying according to what you have

Check the items you own.

Ask yourself these questions:

What do I have?

How much of it do I have?

Are there more things I want to add to my collection?

This way the furniture will be big enough.


3. Plan your shopping trip.

Everything I have in my room is from IKEA. IKEA is know to be a cheap store but all the small bits and bobs can give you a heart attack on the checkout line. So I planned exactly what I was going to buy online 2 days in advance.

Day 1

I picked what my heart desired as we all do. Even if its not needed.

Day 2

I went true the list again. Checking for cheaper and smarter options to fit my needs. Sometimes you can find almost the same item for a fraction of the price. IKEA always has promotions you just need to check for them. For example a laundry basket. You can get it for €20 or for €3, you just need to check


4. Leave the credit card at home

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money just leave your card at home and take cash. This was one of the best things I did. You can’t spend what you don’t have.

Happy shopping 🙂

Share your thoughts and your tips with me in the comments

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How to be extraordinary, finding your talents and pursuing your dreams)

We are al special human beings and we all have something to offer the world. At least that’s what people will tell you. But how do you find what you have to offer? Today I will explain my story and why I started blogging and all the things that happened along the way. 

Look, I’m not the most successful blogger out there. By far not, but I think if only one person could read this and understand it and maybe learn from it, my mission is complete.

The odd kid

You know,  the odd kid that sits behind in class.. That was me, the girl with really big glasses and a stutter who loved books. I know right this equals nurd. Believe me a lot of people told me.

The older I got I wanted to be more like everyone els. I went to extreme lengths. We all do and how much someone will tell us we shouldn’t we still do. In middle school my friends where all death metal fans. Although I can appreciate it, it’s not really my genre. But I tried so hard to listen to it and to love it, forgetting my own interests. The way I dresses, talked, walked… It was all not me. At that age I really thought that was THE ONLY WAY to live life. I got so depressed because I was depraving myself of what I loved.

My advise to anyone who thinks this is the only to be socially accepted is try it. Try being like the others for a bit. This is needed to understand other peoples behaviour. But when you are alone, do what you love. No one is watching you!

This is how you will slowly find yourself and break out of that mould the older you get.  This is how you will learn to understand yourself and your own abilities.

You are not her (be extraordinary)

Everyone compares themselves with others. Especially teenage girls. They can be very judgemental. This makes most of us think we need to be the same way to ourselves. The amount of nights I spent thinking about why curtain people are popular, have boyfriends, better grades… is countless. But honestly it has never ever helped me with anything exact learning how to cover the bags under my eyes because of thinking the entire night.

There is nothing wrong with not being the pretty popular girl in high school. In fact almost no one was. It’s only a handful of people who are popular and that doesn’t mean the rest is doomed to internal loneliness.

You are you, they are obviously not being themselves so don’t compare yourself with a copy of the perfect girl. She doesn’t exist. The fact that you aren’t her makes you extraordinary.

Finding your talent

As children we are all drown to something. I love books, the smell, the story,  the art.. That has been my thing from when I was 3. According to my mum I tried to teach myself how to read because I hated my caretakers in kindergarten rereading the same books.  That was my crazy thing. The day I learned how to write, my life changed. Literarily, I was always writing my feelings down on paper. My old diaries are everywhere, with misspelled and unrecognisable words. I never let anyone read anything I wrote. It was my little secret. The older I got I lost touch with my passion. Not because I didn’t love it as much, I became a freaking realist. I can thank CNN and Google for this one.. I started looking up statistics and realised it was unlikely for me ever to become a writer that actually gets paid. 

I felt like I couldn’t monitor my success and measure it.  This says a lot about me and how many economic classes I’ve been taking the past years. But my point is,  just because something isn’t giving you money doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.

Even if it’s doing what you love in your free time, it will never ever be a wast and I wish I realised that. We all have a talent, but we are afraid to share it with the world because we don’t want to be judged.

Following your dreams

I realised that writing a book and getting published was a great thing to do. But in reality only a small presented of writers ever get that chance. My mums best friend (i will link her blog below) told me about blogging and about the different things you could do with it. She explained people where actually getting paid to write articles and put them on the internet. This seamed like a great idea to me. I wanted to give my writing a fighting chance. If no one would read my blog I could delete it and pretend it had never existed. The fear of getting judged was a big one when I started blogging. I only told my mum I was going to start a blog and the then 20 people who I had on instagram. It was a very big secret, non of my friends knew about it. Non of them even knew I had instagram, I was so afraid of being labeled vain and stupid that I just kept it to myself. And honestly this was one of the best choses I maid. If anyone of my friends would start asking me about it and laughing about it I would have quite. But once I had a substantial following and got comfortable I told people about it. Better jet I started inducing myself posting my blog and instgram links on twitter and facebook. Now when you see me and ask what I’ve been doing trust me you will get my blogging address. It is now a part of my life and I take a lot of pride in every single article I write.

And you know what to quote Ed Sheeran “I do it for the love waiting on the gold rush”. I don’t care if I will be blogging without getting any pay for ever. I will come home from work and blog every night if I have to. I love it and I put in the work, thats the most important thing.

Just remember

Life is what you make it, be yourself, explore your talents and become amazing.

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How to organise your work/school bag (your mobile office for maximum productivity)

Whether you are starting a new school year, job or working form home. You need a organised workbag. Think of your workbag as the mini office you can take with you everything you go.

As a full time student and blogger I need to always have not only my books but also my laptop on hand. To me it’s important to work whenever, wherever I am.

I work whenever I can, even if it’s in the middle of it means studying when I’m waiting for my order at starbucks.  Don’t judge me I get the job done (lol) ( Comment if you want a post on time management. )

The bag

Think of your bag as your office, it’s the main point of your mobile work station. When you are buying a school or workbag, always keep these tips in mind.

  • Does it fit my laptop?
  • Do I want to use it outside the office/classroom?
  • Does it have enough compartments?
  • Is the bottom reinforced?

Like most girls I tend to chose a tote bag. But I only buy tote bags  that come with a pouch so I still can compartmentalise.


Keeping everything in pouches is the best way to stay organised. I love using my guess pouches because they are not to expensive as the louis vuttoin ones but still get the job done and wear really well.

The 3 pouch method 

Pouch 1

In this pouch you have the things you really need. I keep my wallet, keys, phone and headphones in mine. Think of it as the thing you would grab going to the store across the street. A good way to find out what you need is by trail and error. Go with this pouch and see if you are missing things.

For example my headphones. Normally you don’t need these but I realised pretty fast that I needed some music to go to the store and just to walk on the street basically.  Plus I’m always running around so for me it’s important to  be handsfree.

Pouch 2

This is my skincare pouch. In hire you can keep the makeup you need. Again don’t go crazy. I see way to many girls walking around with too much makeup. Only the makeup you are waring that day that you know you need to touch up should be in there.

I honestly never cary makeup when I’m going out except lipstick. So in mine, I’ve got floss and just some sunblock and sunglasses. To me that’s what I feel like I need to touch up. I have a foundation thats pretty heavy coverage so I don’t need to fix it expect when I’m going to the gym.

Pouch 3 

This is where I keep my planner and writing utensils. I’m obsessed with school supplies and my planner. It’s my holy grail. You guys know how I feel about planning my life.

Gum jar for trash

Use the gar you get when you buy your gum as a mini trashcan. I love doing this. it’s so easy. I only started doing this a couple of mounts ago and I swear to you guys it has changed my life. All the crap I get has a place. Even the endless amount of  receipts have a place. I empty this every couple of days. This is how my bags stay clean and also how can switch bags so quickly.

If this was useful please leave a comment or if you have any tips. 

You can follow keep up with me on

Twitter @winckelmanslisa

Snapchat @lisawinckelmans

Instagram @lisawinckelmans

And if you have any questions you would like to  ask me you can always leave a comment and I will do my best to answer.


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5 Life hacks that make you feel like you got your life togethe

It’s hard for any human to feel like they got there shit together every single day. But it’is time to put on those grown up pants and take controle!

1. Make your bed

There is nothing more embarrassing than having that hot dude come up to your room and your bed isn’t made. Talk about bad impressions. 

2. Keep your handbag empty

Every evening when you come home. Just empty your bag. All the papers and stuff you collected that you don’t need, trow it out! Doing this daily will make it easier to switch bags and keep it clean.

3. Buy a planner and use it

Knowing what you are doing and when you are doing it is one of the best ways to stay organised. A paper agenda is the best option, just because it’s a physical object you have to look at every day! I promise you every you pull out your planner, you will feel like a grown ass adult!

4. Set deadlines

Give yourself a deadline on when to get things done. It should be at least 2 to 4 days before you actually needs to be done.

5. Check your email

Don’t be that person with 500 emails waiting. You don’t have any excuses. Only subscribe to the mailing lists you really need. And those of you who think it makes you feel impotent, no it doesn’t. 😊

Comment if you have any ideas and share 😉 xoxo Lisa 😘

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How to mange your online life

As a blogger I live on the internet. I am constantly on social media. It can get overwhelming.With notifications popping up from literarily every direction, I have a guid on how to deal with this. 

Block out internet time

Ever morning after my run I block out 1 hour to replay to comments, check my email, read blog posts… You take time to read a magazine and empty your letter box, why not online?

Have separate emails

Yes I am that crazy person with 3 different email addresses. I’ve got one for all social media, one for my blog and one for personal stuff. This makes it easy to attend to every one of them. You can start with the most important account and then go to the least important one on busy days 

Centralise your messages

Tell people to contact you only via one messaging app. I tell everyone to use iMessage to talk to me. This makes it a lot easier to check how the hell is texting me at 3am (grrrrrrr)

Mange notifications

Don’t have notifications for things like angry birds popping up on your screen. Go into your phone settings and only keep the notifications you really want to see.

The internet is a blessing and a curse. It’s up to you to use it to your advantage. Please like this post if it was helpful and comment your tips and share with your friends!

See you soon


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