How to pull of white jeans like a boss

White jeans

My love for white jeans has always been a thing. As a kid I had a pear of military white jeans I wore in the snow. I remember all the girls turning heads and just looking at me with fear in there eyes. Giving me the shuttle hit that white pants are only acceptable in summer. I am hear to tell you that that’s not true! White pants can be worn whenever and however you want them. Just remember to do it right and as you guessed it, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve.

Know your size

I know this is pretty obvious but seriously know your size ladies. I had a hard time with this myself. Finding jeans that fit perfect isn’t easy so don’t expect to find the perfect ones that one time you go shopping. It takes me forever to go jeans shopping and that’s okay! I like taking my time to walk out of the store completely satisfied.

And ask for help. I was that person to afraid to ask for help form anyone. Honestly the people in the store are there to help you. In whatever store you are going to, Channel or H&M they are basically doing the same job. So if you can’t find what you want ASK.


You know I needed to say this. But I am never ever going to walk out the door wearing white jeans and red underwear. I mean that’s kind of obvious but I know sometimes when you are in a hurry you forget. Just remember to actually wear nude or white underwear when you’re wearing white jeans seriously. TMI but I got your back.


This is a rule for the less adventurous fashionistas who aren’t going to go monochrome just jet. Believe me I hear you. Try to wear a dark top to balance out the outfit. It looks way more put together trust me.

And for all the ladies with the bigger boobs, it makes everything look in proportion with is exactly what you want. I like wearing darker tops for exactly that reason even if I have a hourglass figure you know I am bigger up there.

Long coat

For the girls with the big butts. Or people like me who think they have a big butt… Let’s not talk about that shall we. Anyway wearing a long coat over a pair of white pants can give that extra inch of sophistication and actually make you feel better about my butt. I feel like it adds some class to an otherwise casual outfit.

If you are on the shorter side, long coats actually make you look a lot taller too. I know, I am pretty tall but I like looking even taller…


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Look expensive all the time

Look expensive

Let’s face it we all want to look expensive some times. Even if it is just to impress someone. Not because it’s your ultimate goal in life or whatever but just because you can.

Inch of skin

This is what I love about people like Taylor Swift. Not showing to much but just enough to be sexy and expensive. Showing to much skin can make you look really cheap really quickly.

Plane and simple

Keeping things simple can make you look expensive. The plainer the better, end the better the fabric, even more amazing! Don’t where crazy prints if you want to look expensive. Think about it all the t-shirts with the big logos just scream in your face when really expensive things have the table on the inside.


It’s all about the details. Even if my dress is from zara and my coat from H&M, I paid close attention to details. The coats is made form a luxurious feeling fabric that is so soft and snuggly. Lace details make the dress look way more expensive then it actually is.

Same thing with the shoes. You guys know how I feel about suede shoes and my fear of them getting ruined. To be honest maybe I’ll get a designer pair in the future… We will see haha. But these where only €20 in the sale I mean come on!!!! that’s just amazing.

Mix with designer

This is totally optional but I love doing this. Mixing my high street with my designer pieces. My designer bag and scarf really dress up my outfit and give it that up scale vibe. I just love doing that to looks. Not everything needs to be designer honestly no one can afford that and the people that can don’t even do it. Even stars like Beyoncé wear clothes from zara and H&M as long as you know what you should buy expensive and what you should buy cheap you will always you expensive!




photography Molly Winckelmans (instagram @mollysartmove)


boots – closeup shop

scarf – burberry

bag – lancel

dress – zara

coat – h&m



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Jumper dress obsession

I know I’m not the first or the last fashion/style blogger to talk about this.But finding the right jumper dress is so freaking hard! Just because I’m very specific when I buy clothes, I know what I want.

If you have been following me for some time you know I make my list with exactly what I want. But this has been on my radar for ever, so when I saw it I physically couldn’t leave it.

I’ll be honest with y’all I love the trend but I’m kind of afraid to buy a high end jumper dress. I don’t know if it will stay trendy. That’s way I didn’t wanted a high street version. But you know me I had a vision in my head.

I wanted knitted, white, warm and it had to be oversized. So finally I found it.

It’s exactly what I wanted!

hipsters – sweater dress

zara – bag

boots – close up    

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Creative outfit post

img_3482img_3471Because I felt like it I did.. It was so much fun to just go crazy and wear something completely out of my comfort zone.

“And honesty I am in love. “

This outfit is just me totally being myself. The hair is a little out there I know but it’s fun and new so I feel like sharing it.

The top

I love bardot tops they just have this thing about them that makes me smile. They are comfortable but chic and elegant in an understated way. This one is from zara and I will try to figure out how to link everything I’m wearing.

The shoos

These are the most comfortable shoos I’ve ever gotten. I’m not one to buy high street honestly I’ve never gotten high street shoos before. My family has always said that’s something you can’t buy img_3476cheap. But when I saw these I fel in love.. they are from zara and they give a rocker kind of vibe without being too much.

The skirt

This skirt is from vera mode end it double laired. So it’s kind of warm… It’s got this little leather trim to it. It makes the skirt look a little less girly because of it’s twirly shape. I think it’s got this very interesting vibe with the shoos.

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How to look stylish in winter


It’s time for me to face the facts, it’s literally freezing outside. I wish I could lie and keep wearing my favourite summer dresses all year. But that’s just not the case.

Winter feeling

Don’t get me wrong I love winter and the beautiful carpet of snow just greeting me in the morning. But I’m aways cold. The person with the blankets hidden all over the house, that’s me.

This past weeks I’ve been doing my research because I’m not going to go true winter with sweatpants and a jumper, and either should you. I’ve decided to put together a little guid on how I am acutally keeping warm and stylishimg_3405

Stick to the basics

I know I sound so old right now but just hear me out. Winter just isn’t the time for crazy prints and colours. Keep the clothes as classy as you can because those are the most convenient in cold wether. Play with your makeup, your hair and your accessories. These are the things that will bring out your personality.

“Winter just isn’t the time for crazy prints and colours.”

Over the knee boots

I have the hardest time finding boots that fit around my legs. They are always to big or just look odd on my legs. But now I’ve found a solution, sued over the knee boots. They always have a string so they will fit perfectly and snug.

Mine are just some cheap ones form a local store named close up. They don’t need to be expensive, sued and rain don’t go together and we all know that I’ll be wearing those boots in the snow. So spending €1000 just doesn’t seem justifiable in any way. Mine are €50.

Skinny black denim

I live in my black jeans, they are an essential in my wardrobe. I literally wear them to death. Not only because they are the most comfortable but also the most flattering thing. If you like wearing oversized knitwear they will help contrast it and show your shape.

The most important part of finding the right pair of black jeans is checking there thickness.  Especially in winter, you would be surprised how warm they can actually be.

You don’t always need to buy disigner denim, they just need to fit right. If you are a bit slimmer it’s good to check out Tommy Hilfiger or Pimkie (in Belgium) they’re sizes run pretty small and are high wasted.




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How I became a catwalk model

Life’s been crazy. Okay maybe i’ve gone made you can decide 😀

These past weeks have been such an amazing experience. So let me share what I’ve actually been doing.


Oooo yes, I’m a real model now. Let me explain how I got there because this is quit a story. I should be making a story time on this, maybe soon for youtube…

So I was walking with my family on the street and complaining because I wanted to eat vegan and they wanted to go to another part of town.

So me being the grumpy ass hole I can be when I’m hungry, dragging my feet and making a face I imagine a murderer makes. We walk around the block and all of a sudden I don’t know why but I just feel like showing of my jacket.

I’m walking feeling myself and two amazing looking women walk towards me and my mum. Yvon (instagram @yvoirederosen) and Cerina (instagram @derosencerina) run out of a restaurant and are explaining themselves. And my dad being himself is like “we aren’t buying anything”. And they start to explain and talk about the fashion show. I quickly got a card and a location for the next morning.

The next morning my mum drags me out of bad with a big smile on her face and she’s like, you are going love. I was not prepared in any way but let’s just say I had my starbucks and lots of nerves.

This was THE day I learned to walk in stilettos and the rest is history. Just kidding the truth is I died I’m not a natural. I was in pain!

But now I can actually call myself a pro.

Subscribe for all of the sexy stuff that goes on backstage 😀

I will be sharing the crazy the awkward and the friends I made along the way.


instagram & snapchat @lisawinckelmans

twitter @winckelmanslisa


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How to dress like a street style pro 

You can’t open a fashion magazine without seeing it, high end street style.  Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuttoin… Are all coming out with classic street peaces.

Wear neutral colours

Try to keep your outfit simple, don’t go for crazy patrons. Instead opt for simple plain peaces.


Keep it very classic. Wearing a pear of pearls or fansy earrings will give your outfit a boost. I wore pears and a Burberry scarf to give my outfit that hint of luxury.


Hear you can do whatever is on your mind. Go for any sneaker in any disigne. Whatever floats your boat!

Please leave your feedback in the comments and share!

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Personal style: How to develop your personal style

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 15.22.05

Creating a personal style is a fun way of self expression. I am going to share some tips on how I created my own unique style, and maybe help you create yours.

1 Be confident

Confidence and style go hand in hand. For me it was a very interesting prices, because dressing the part made me feel the part. After taking more time to dress up, the  more I came out of my shell. 

2 Commit to a style

Before you start experimenting you have to master a style. There are a lot of youtube videos out there on how to do it. I recommend watching LaurenMessiah. Because she shows the different styles you can have and were to shop. And trust me knowing those basics is very importent. When I chose the preppy style I looked up the essentials for my style and looked for inspiration on the web. 

3 Go basic

Buying the basics will make it very easy to get dressed in the morning and make it effortless. Remember the first couple of mouths you should try to keep your style very basic. And don’t go all out on trendy clothes.

4 Invest in the classics

Buying well tailored classic items is importent. Spending the extra cash is worth it. You will keep going back to these items so don’t go cheep you will end up spending more money.

5 Your own style

After you have mastered the basics you can start mixing different styles and have fun with it. You can express yourself, but remember your style reflects your personality. This just means that if you want to be taken seriously, dress the part. 

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Have an amazing day!



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