Notes: how I make instagramable notes (studygram)

I love writing. Nice notes are really my thing. But taking nice notes isn’t always self-explanatory. Because finding the right paper and making them practical isn’t easy.  After trying hard, I finally fingered out what I actually need.


Clairefontaine paper

It’s very hard to find paper that’s thick enough to avoid any bleeds. The paper also has to be soft to write easier. I use binders to organize my notes after I am done making them every month so I actually want paper that I can rip out. Also, I love grid paper. It just looks way moor neat to me.


Calligraphy markers Staedtler

These markers are my favorite thing at the moment just because they are so easy to use and to make really nice notes.  If you know just a bit of cursive the can already do wonders.


Staedler Boss Pastel Markers

I am actually not a big fan of fluorescent markers. They just have this thing I don’t really like to them. Pastel markers just have this nice soft town to them. I love matching to the calligraphy markers.




Don’t go overboard with colors. One color is enough for the header and for the highlighter I use one color too. Underlining is also a great way to make it look neat and clean.

Making notes practical and fun is one of the best things you can do for your studies and for your Instagram.

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