Testing different skin care routines

Skin care series

My blog just got a beauty part added on it. I’m not going to do any crazy make-up tutorials jet. To me it’s important to first get my face in good shape.

I’ve been having really bad acne. There’s a lot out there, but to be honest it’s just way to expensive and promises to much.

Because I don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive skin care that doesn’t work I decided to test out different skin care products and routines that give us high hopes until my skin clears up.

All the products I will be using will be from the drugstore.

I will be updating you weekly.


The first skin care products I will be trying are the originals series 1975.

The cleanser 

It’s a cleanser for all sin types and costs €1,99


The matching day and nacht cream that is supposed to be cleansing.


I’m also trying an oil because my skin is very dry

The starting situation


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