The girlfriend christmas guide


Yes almost , Christmas .. Are you EXITED. Because I am and if you aren’t boo you, watch mean girls. Yes, I’m talking about the Regina Goerge dance routine.

Today I’m going to tell you all the secrets to giving her what she wants. Because you don’t want to put her in that situation when she is kindly asking you for the receipt.

#1 Small and thoughtful

You don’t always need to buy the biggest thing on the planet. Just because it’s in a big box doesn’t guaranty she will like it. Instead pay attention to what she’s saying. If she keeps complaining about something small give her that. Even if it’s cheap, she will feel like you pay attention to her.

#2 Go classic

If you girlfriend hasn’t been complaining about things she needs for some time. You’r freaking lucky. (lol) I complain all the time about things I need… Go for something classic like some nice earrings and when I say nice they can be €40 or €50 as long as they are packed nicely and don’t have branding on the box. And don’t forget to get allergy free!

#3 Not just flowers

I know flowers are amazing but they are only good if the are accompanied by something small. If you just get flowers its kind of odd. Honesty I wouldn’t be very happy.

#4 An expiriance

If you really don’t know what to get her and she has buys herself everything she wants, you have one more option. Get  her an experience. This can be a weekend somewhere or  going with her to that movie she wanted and cooking dinner. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be big to be impressive. Or you can go and get something together, reserve some lunch and go shopping. There are lots of amazing experiences you can give her.

My biggest tip is to just listen to her don’t be afraid to get her what she asks for. When women say I want this, they meen it. Remember you know her better the you think!


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