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Blogging is an art form on it’s own. It’s a really easy way to reach people with topics that not only intrest you but can also help others. I fell in love with blogging because I wanted to inspire people that looked like me and had the same condition.

For a full year I have been talking about fashion and beauty primarily. I saw demand but no supply that’s why I started my blog.  It’s an interesting topic but I don’t feel like it’s part of my personality anymore. I have fallen in love with learning more then ever before. My education has become my biggest priority and my biggest obsession.

The past couple of months I haven’t been posing because I didn’t know what to talk about. After my trip to Berlin I realised how importent transparency is to move forward.

In the center of Berlin there’s a building named the Reichstag. From the outside it looks like an old building but when you enter it’s a new construction. Instead of letting go of the old structure that was perfect they build a new construction inside. Remembering  where they started but letting go of the past system.

When I saw that building something changed. The old blog was kind of working but now I want a new transparent and beautiful system that everyone can see.  Just like the Reichstag, I’m using the old foundation to build something new and beautiful.

Because I’ve changed I want my blog to grow with me. Now you will be able to find book & movie reviews and my interpretation of different topics regarding health, advice& communication, technology&recent development and my life.

So this is a little post to challenge you to explore all the topics you care about and write about them;


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