Law school a personal letter

Law School my expirences

I’ve been studying law for almost half a year now. I can say it’s one of the best and scariest decisions I have ever made.

I love studying law but I often have droughts. Falling is part of passing in life people say. But with all the money, books and accommodation. It’s a very expensive leap of faith.

The hard and scary parts of the story

I spend a lot of my time studying and trying to pass my first year of Leuven Law. But every day I also sit and think about my own abilities and if I can actually pass law. It’s not only about studying hard, it’s also about being capable.

It’s not the full truth to say I just love to study law, the full truth is that it’s so scary to start smoothing and not know if you actually can do it. I put in 100% but I don’t know if it’s really good enough.

After I moved to Leuven I started trying to find myself. In a lot of ways, it’s scary to sit in a room on your own at night and to be confronted with yourself and your own thoughts of failure.

Law school is a constant battle, its about studying hard, finding yourself and learning to believe in your abilities.


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