Waking up early, why and how it will increase productivity

Waking up early, why and how it will increase productivity

Waking up early might seem like a waste of time. Especially when it's holiday. Sleeping in might seem like the best and most fun option. But I can actually say that waking up early is one of the smartest chooses I made. Not only for my productivity but also for my relationship and sanity.

Waking up early, why?

Waking up early has decreased my stress so much just because I know everything is taken care in the morning. In the morning most of us are at our most productive too. I feel like after a good nights sleep I can actually function a lot better

Another simple reason you should be waking up early is just because you don't have distractions. No one is awake to bother me I am forced to work.

How to wake up early

Waking up early means I need a good nights sleep. I have crafted the perfect routine to fall asleep and stay asleep.

1. No distractions

Laptops, phones and TV are all forbidden 20 minutes before I go to bed. According to the national sleep foundation avoiding bright light is beneficial.

2. Read or talk to someone

Being calm is essential to falling asleep. I do this by talking to someone or reading a book. It's become a routine to talk to my boyfriend before I go to bed. Talking about my day gets me calm and releases my stress.

Reading books can also be a great way to calm down. To me it doesn't really matter what I read before bed, but I know for some it does. I would say find out what works.

To wake

Just like sleeping waking, how you wake up is just as important


1. Keep your blinds open

I actually sleep with my blinds slightly open. Mostly I do this to ensure I wake up before my alarm clock. To me this is a calming feeling. And I honestly rather wake yup from the sound of birds then my alarm.

2. Don't sleep too much

On weekdays I wake up at 6.00 am. And on weekends I wake up around 9.00 am. This makes me feel like I have slept in without ruining my sleep cycle. The most important thing here is not to sleep in too long and give yourself a limit.

3. Don't be hard on yourself

What I did was set my alarm clock 15 minutes earlier every single day. If I didn't feel comfortable with the time I woke I would reset it until I did. You are resetting your body so do't be mad if it takes time.


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