What's apples future, will the empire rise or fall

What's apples future, will the empire rise or fall

Let’s face it, Apple is not doing that good on market shares. Will Apple lose it’s glory to it’s competitors and fall again?

We can all agree that after Steve Jobs death Apple changed a lot as a company. Remember Jobs saying they would never ever make a 7″ iPad… Although change can be good the core values of Apple changed in my opinion. It’s not about the product and the innovation but about how much money they can get in there pocket.

And then we haven’t even talked about innovation. We used to buy Apple because it was new and different. They had things other companies didn’t have, but now they are playing catch up

I’m an Apple fan girl to be honest. Everything I own is Apple because of it’s user friendly interface. And honestly out of laziness, don’t get me wrong but when I had android back in the day.

Back in the day Apple had lots to offer but now they aren’t coming up with anything we really need. Non of us need a newer faster phone every year. Trust me i’m using my iPhone 5 at the moment and honestly it does what it should. And thats the same story with the iPad, Apple hasn’t given me any reason to upgrade. I hope that they will really do something extraordinary this year.




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